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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

so went to the shelter to take the pics ....
Seems like the theme this week is sick and injured,,,,,In the isolation room there are several ill cats and it is heartbreaking to see their crusty eyes and watch them lay quiet in the corner of their cage. One cat has a rather large tumor on its toe. I was horrified when I saw it - it looks so painful. I have no idea why the cat ended up there, but I hope that it gets a home and some help.

Prior to going I was contacted by the shelter director to see about a no kill I volunteered at in IA. A paralyzed beagle is at the shelter and needs a good place to be sent. Apparently, someone is donating a wheelchair for him - so that is good news. However, the Animal Lifeline is packed full and have no room for him...hopefully something will open up. hopefully.

In the cage above the paralyzed beagle, is a small min pin with mange and man he looks terrible. Two small dachshunds are in the main kennel and both are blind or at least partially. The sad thing is they didn't even seem to know where they where - just as happy as ever...maybe that is good thing though. I never know anymore.

overall, there were a lot of new faces and I was unable to find out about a large houndish shepardish dog that I secretly had fallen in love with....I hope his empty cage meant he had a home and had not been put in the freezer. I was feeling pretty sad about the possibility there of him not making it and that he could be this weeks image.....

I decided to bath the paralyzed beagle and he used me as a porta potty as I held him in his towel afterwards. I have never smelled so bad in my life..thank god for a store named Catos (I hope I spelled right), a very nice employee there, a great sale, and free perfume samples - otherwise I would not have been able to stand it - yuck

But good things do happen - a sad looking Rottweiler had been adopted and the new owners brought her in today. When I saw her she was a big bony pile and didn't respond to me at all. Sometimes she would look up a little, but had seemed resigned to her fate - but to see her today made was wonderful. Her new people were so happy with her and said she even slept in their bed....I was too excited to see her and how happy she was, that I forgot to ask her people's names - whoops...but I did get a pic of them and that is the happy pic you see here...

happy sight!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


So I went to the shelter this morning. There were actually a few people there and things got done quickly. In fact, the main shelter got done so quickly they locked up before I got my pics inside for this week.

I gave all of the outside dogs a treat and a bone - ooo they loved that! One small black shep/lab mixed pup was so excited it ran around like it had just been given the finest toy it had ever seen - was fun to watch. I am sorry I missed the inside dogs.

There is parvo again - I gave fluids to a small puppy this morning..poor thing - I just got a call that it is not doing well at all...shit.

My camera seems to be on its way out. Since I started the project my batteries have drained when ever I went to the shelter and then acted fine after - weird. A few weeks ago my settings started acting funny there too - the shutter stays open too long - anyway, it is doing it all the time now. I am not happy. I hope to get a new camera soon- until then, wont be able to post much :( Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll wake up one morning and see a digital camera sitting in my porch - you never know this morning it happened with chocolate....

I haven't finished any new art yet - have been too depressed - recent loss off grandmother and holidays has made me sluggish...I did however realize I have many large pieces of watercolor paper = perhaps my art will be taking a different turn - perhaps the ruined work will be a good thing...

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I am so cold..never seem to be able to get warm in this little shack I live in. I need to be drawing. I usually go to the shelter on the weekend, but decided instead to go on Christmas. I am sure they could use the help, plus I want to give the animals a special treat (now I have to remember to buy a really big bag of treats).

I really want these works to be painted. I am so frustrated right now - I can't afford canvas. I don't even really have a studio - I have one room I sleep in, watch t.v. in, use computer in and make art in. It is bigger than the little cabin in the woods, but I hope someday to have a studio- a real studio. While I am dreaming a real house would be nice - with a real bedroom. oh well.

This project makes me so down sometimes, but I know the rolling rescue just made some trips to NY and FL and dogs were saved because of it. I truly don't know how I could do this if the rolling rescue was not there. Yesterday someone asked me why dogs are better of in the places they are sent. I guess people are more responsible - more educated. Plus what is sent are the cutest puppies and smaller dogs - with a few larger thrown in now and then. But even those shelters wont take them all - no hounds, no brindled, etc. etc. this project is really REALLY opening my eyes to how our society makes so many decisions based upon how visually appealing things are. It just breaks me up how the most supremely gentle and wonderful dogs and cats are passed over simply because they look the wrong way. It breaks me up that people will buy puppies from malls and parking lots and spend hundreds of dollars when they could have gone to a shelter and spent less and saved a life.

My little Nigel Longbottom is sitting at my feet right now - my little chihuahua(ish) I adopted from the rolling rescue. He stares at me with his large bulbous eyes while his jacked up under bite makes him look like he could attack at any minute. When I helped care for him at the shelter, he looked so pathetic to me - but since I have brought him home, his tail rarely stops wagging. He is ugly to most, but beautiful to me. I wish I could take them all home....I'll post more pics after Christmas...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

wet art

I decided to post this before I freak out totally. I had an incident with my drawings and they were exposed to liquid - all of them. I am going to have to start over. I am posting the finished work .... but I will be redoing. It will be ok (I have been telling myself in my head over and over again) o.k. I will do them again and I will do them better. I am not going to dwell on this. I am not going to lose it. I am going to simply pick up my pencil and start again. I will do them bigger and better - things happen for a reason. o.k. I need more paper.....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The pink collar

I wanted so badly for the dog with the pink collar to find a home. So badly. But she didn't and unfortunaely will be the subject of one of my pieces...all week long she had been in my mind - i was hoping it as one those cases in which I am wrong. There were so many new little faces and I really started to feel so overwhelmed there today as I stopped at each kennel and talked to the dogs. So many little faces peering through the chain link gates. I just want you to see just a small number of them...these are pics I just took about an hour ago. You'll notice the one beagle looks big - I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she has puppies tommorrow.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I kind of like being at the shelter at night. There are times when the dogs get quiet and you can hear them stirring softly in their kennels trying to get comfortable. Things are a little more peaceful. Tonight I was at the shelter.

I decided to run by to take my pics, but then I realized that only one person was signed up to volunteer in the Rolling Rescue - Cynthia. So I decided to scoop some poop, walk some dogs and do what I could to help out. Nothing like good, hard work on a Saturday night. Before taking the job in Knoxville I was there every Saturday (certainly not something that helps the social life I can assure you).

Anyway, I was happy to see some of the dogs I was worried about over in the Rolling rescue building...yes only last week I was worried they would be gone soon - and tonight I got to hold them and play with them. They will be going to shelters in New York, Florida, or Wisconsin. Bideawee has been working with the rolling rescue and I think they are going to be taking over 20 next trip!! yes. (check out their link under the shelters heading - the second start program has pics of dogs rescued from here - look at Buster! I helped save him from parvo by giving him fluids and med - he was so sick and he looks so good now!)

However, I was never so disappointed to hear that with all of the news coverage recently that there were still many animals euthanized. I had hoped generous people from the area after hearing the stories on the news, reading it in the papers, and listening to it on the radio would be lined up to adopt and give. Not so much...I was told the kennels were so full they had dogs waiting in the van with no place to be put. People did call- but not many showed up - Cynthia did tell me a man from Knoxville came out and adopted. I am grateful for that man. Thank you. But, mostly people called and never showed up. The place is packed. I heard more euthanizing will take place Monday morning.

My heart ached as I walked the kennels tonight, knowing that so many lives were so limited. Like the old hound with the pink collar- I told her I was sorry and that I wanted her to be free. It sucks. I want to take them all home - that wouldn't solve the problem. I gave each one a treat and I talked to them as I always do. (Even the biters). I gave the old hound 10. I gave the rottweiler that sat when I waved a treat in front of her 3. I gave the mixed brindle who whined 2. That could be the last they will ever get. I can't tell you how sad that makes me.

- On a brighter note - I did get the laptop (thanks david!!) and this is the first time I could do the blog right after the shelter vist. I am now sitting at Perkins sipping coffe and listening to Christmans music. Anyone want to give me a Christmas gift? Adopt and give to your local shelter.
I am so tired now - the drive to the shelter is an hour each way and this wifi stop is only 30 min. into it....I don't know if I'll get much drawing done so tired and I bet my own dogs (each a rescue I might add) are waiting anxiously for me to return and give them each my undivided attention......


Monday, December 3, 2007

Okay so it has been a crazy couple of weeks...due to my job, I had to move to the great city of Knoxville - does that make me a Knoxvillian now? Anyway, I did that over Thanksgiving and it got me a bit behind on the project. There has been some good press on it however over the last couple of weeks though...check out my story on the local NBC station at

(sorry you'll have to copy and paste - I am having troubles linking today)

I was also in the Newport paper - but have been unable to find a link online. That story was focused on the voting from the city council on the project - I wasn't even able to be there due to my job so I was lucky to have the director speak in my behalf. (Thanks Dr. Hood!) I didn't hear it, but my radio interview also played recently. oh man.

The hardest interview was the t.v. though since only that morning my Grandma passed away - so hard to talk about this subject anyway- and to have the loss of someone important in my life made it more difficult. She would have been excited to see me on there - I wish she could have.

I have been looking online at publishers since I need to have the images and story published in conjunction with my showings (that have yet to be placed). So much to do- so much to do. A year seemed like a long time- but things are already happening at such a quick pace! Before long the 52 weeks will have passed.

I haven't even looked at my pics for this week. I have a elderly hound dog in my mind- she has been there too long- each time I see her she responds less and less. This last time was with the reporter and she didn't even get up. She may be my newest subject - I hate it. She wears a pink collar - someone cared about her - I hope someone comes and saves her- I hope I am wrong....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fortress and a model

So I was thinking about the animals that hide. Last week I took several images of cats hiding under papers, blankets, and behind litter boxes. I decided to start a drawing of one of the dogs that I couldn't get to touch and talk to because it was growling and hiding. When I went to the kennel it went inside and looked out the door and growled- it was scared. I decided to do this particular drawing of the dog looking out of a castle-like wall (I am creating a fortress for it to hide in). it is about midway done - I'll post pics when it is finished. I have several pieces going - those of you who know how I work - know this is not the end of the 52 days it'll all be solid.
I also have been thinking about the volunteers and the good things that happen...I asked Cynthia (the woman who runs the rolling rescue program) if she would model for me on Friday. She said so excited to start this piece - it'll be the first on the volunteers at the shelter and what they accomplish.
I am getting a laptop in about a week- so things should get done more on here - more images.....
p.s. I have a t.v. interview with a local station this Friday..........
p.p.s. people keep asking me about the "book" that I am doing. I have decided why not? I'll be making a book to go with this - know any publishers?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

going public...

Hey I got my first interview for this project - I am pretty excited! check it out at....

NPR and Oprah here I come....

Friday, November 2, 2007

It is so sad how many mom dogs and puppies end up here. Look at how her bones stick out, poor thing. I am about to get over to the shelter.....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I just left the shelter. I took pictures of a biting dog, a mother with her pups and a sick kitten along with a few others. I also decided I should take short 52 second videos of the animals. So I did a few today - I have to get the camera home to see them, but if they are good at all I will post.
A group of about 15 dogs went to Florida this last week- and I was happy to see empty cages when I got to the Rolling Rescue building ..more room to save them from the main shelter - yeah.
It is pretty rough seeing the same faces each week.. knowing that their time is running out. Did I ever mention that the euthanasia rate is like 80%! I am not sure if that is taking into account those lucky few that get sent on the rolling rescue or not. I do worry about the Rolling Rescue program...never enough people to help them out and money - er money.
The people who volunteer are so awesome though. There is a couple that I see there on a regular basis - they take interest in dogs at the main shelter and take them out to festivals and feed them good food and walk them. I don't know how many dogs have been saved just from the effort they make. There are actually many people like that. I think that this is just as an important part as anything and will need to include this somehow in the project.
Anyway, time is short (especially on a library computer) so I gotta get going. Tonight is going to be all about making ACEOs.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

oh man, it has been forever since I have been able to update this a new job and with an hour and a half plus drive both ways leaves little time....
Heard some cool news from one of the Northern shelters taking dogs from here - Bidawee..they were on Fox and Friends with two of our puppies we sent..yea. I also found that one of the dogs - Kera ended up in a place across from Central Park.
I am still taking my pics each week and am making changes in the "art" part of it...A little too tired now to go into it....
The above pics are a couple of the babies in the Rolling Rescue part and will hopefully be in homes soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

unfinished work..

This is the drawing for week one- unfinished...due to the cost of canvas/paint and storage issues coupled with no studio (I work out of a one room cabin and paint while sitting on my bed due to lack of chair) I have decided it would be best to draw the images. There is something about the lack of color that I feel works with this project ..... I have also decided symbols are going to be important as well...

The last post was a bit negative- but this week I stopped by the shelter for a couple of hours and saw 2 dogs being taken to rescues in Knoxville and NH, a large orange cat named Big Shug adopted, a young cattle dog adopted and a small Jack Russle-ish adopted. So good things do happen.

This photo is from Sunday's photos from the large group of dogs turned in at once...last I knew they were still alive.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

So Sunday is the day. The day that I go around the shelter and take pics of potential soon to be euthanized animals. I choose four to five dogs or cats with the help of the staff. I talk to the ones I take pics of and take out of the pens if possible. Sunday I also work for the Rolling Rescue and am feeding cleaning etc. Sunday is pretty busy.
Yesterday I took my pics and I am so frustrated. Frustrated because there are so many. So many people keep bringing animals in....and not enough are taking them out. I try not to get attached to any of the faces that I see but it is hard. One dog - Teddy - is waiting for a home. I worry about him. He is such a good dog and I was told his owner had died. (I would die all over again if I ever knew my pets were in a shelter after I died.)
But what frustrated me the most this Sunday was that there were two pens with about five dogs in each (normally they each get their own) - the thing is that someone just decided they had too many- couldn't afford? got tired of them? dunno. They all came from one house. One. So here sit this entire family of dogs (they look very related) and they are terrified and not socialized and I would be surprised if they weren't all put down. It sucks. They wont even get A chance since they are not socialized and some are growling- there is no room - there is no time to work with them. The place is - as they say- busting at the seams with animals. People keep bringing them and bringing them. In fact, when I worked Saturday someone had squeezed a large dog through an opening in the gate after hours...just left it there. cowards. At least have the decency to bring it in to give the staff any information on it so that it might have a better chance for adoption.
I know this is a bit rambly..well aren't they all I guess. I have an idea about an installation that I could do involving garbage bags - the kind used to put the bodies in after euthanasia. (it felt a little sick to type that)
p.s. Please feel free to comment...just click on comment...feeling a little lonely here......

Thursday, September 6, 2007


On Tuesday I checked in with the shelter to see which of the cats I had taken pics of where euthanized. The torti was still there and I was so happy to see that. The rest of the five I took pics of where gone- plus others.
Later that day I witnessed an accident by my home- it was terrible. I saw a guy get killed- he was only 19. I am still shaken up. Because of this I am going to use the image of a cat put down that had been hit by a car. When I opened the cage to pet him he just layed there and purred. here is his picture...

I also want you to see the picture of the dog from week one.

Both of these animals where good animals..friendly and beautiful.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So I went to the shelter yesterday to take this weeks photos. Cats. I decided I might do cats this week. There are tons. I made friends with a cat that was labeled mean (just scared I guess - the mean ones seem to like me for whatever reason) anyway beautiful torti. I don't know if it will be her picture. I hope she gets a chance. There were tiny kittens that because of their age might be put down. crap.
I ended up working at the rolling rescue building since only one person was there doing all the work - erp. I guess since it was a holiday people had plans..I don't mind- but am feeling a little sick achy and when I got home was exhausted.
Oh yeah we got to set up a booth at a new gas station in Cosby. If you find yourself in Cosby TN go get gas at the corner of Jones Cove and 321 - Billy's Station. They were so cool to let the shelter set up for their grand opening....I must buy large quantaties of gas from them - since I do use large quantities it shouldn't b e a problem.......
I have some work soon as I get it saved to CD and drag it down to the library computer I'll put it on here..I have decided symbolism is important..I also am having several ideas for perfomance and installation etc. my mind is awash with ideas at the moment.......

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I am having the hardest time with this project already. The first dog to go was the yellow lab with the bad eye. Poor guy. I have been sketching and sketching and I have this pressure over the work because of its importance. I do a drawing and I think - not good enough.
I was feeling so blocked. Strangely enough whenever I get stuck I take my sketchbook out to lunch or coffee - something about an enviornment filled with people who I am not connected with fuels my ideas. So I took the magic sketchbook to lunch and over a terribly overpriced salad and sweet tea (neither that I can truly afford) I was able to figure things out.
The problem I was/am having is how do I show the poor animal in its true self- yet keep my style as an artist. I know I can do it now. Poor guy....and to think week 2 is in the day after tomorrow.
When I am able to I am going to put some sketches on here....sorry it is hard since I don't have a laptop or email at home..thank god for public library computers. Anyone have a laptop they wanna send me? :)
Well off to the shelter..did I mention that I volunteer there and help clean, walk and give meds? Yes. great excercise, good for the soul, and a great place to meet people...yeah I'll be talking about the people there soon - there are some very inspiring people around here.......
p.s. I don't have anything listed yet, but I have just signed up with etsy - you can find me at -- Thanks Jessica!!! As soon as I resize my images I'll be listing several!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

just a little self advertising....

so I can pay the bills...I have placed some work on ebay. I is my more inventive work- not like this project..... but check it out look under Lundberg surrealism and they should pop up.....

Monday, August 27, 2007

New York, golden labs and pits

So I got back this weekend after delivering 40 dogs to two shelters in New York. I can't truly describe what it is like driving all night with forty dogs in the back of a cargo van. I was tired, they were scared and car sick, projectile vomiting occurred, mass howling existed....but i made it. The first group went to a rescue group called Homeward Bound can see the dogs through petfinder. They are a new group the shelter is working with - they do fostering out of people's homes and don't have an actual shelter.

The second and last stop was the SPCA ... now this place is a massive shelter...they showed me around and I don't know how many animals there were there- but tons. So if you are reading this and live anywhere near there -quick - get in your car and go get a dog. I was told that once they get there our dogs and puppies are adopted pretty quickly since we send small dogs and puppies. Being there and seeing the huge number of animals really makes the problem of pet overpopulation and owner incompetence seem so enormously overwhelming. I thought that the trip would make me feel all warm and tingly inside and instead it just made me realize even more how huge the issue is. Even though I was exhausted after being on the road 16 or so hours I couldn't sleep. The mass quantities of the animals at the shelter and the ones at our shelter kept me up. I am glad the SPCA won't kill them ever, but shit there are so many - and to think that this is just the tip of the ice burg as far as what exists out there. I hope to go again though. Maybe I'll have the chance.

Yesterday, I took photos of two dogs at our shelter who are probably being put down today or tomorrow. One was an elderly yellow lab whose owner brought it in because it wouldn't eat? (perhaps they haven't heard of a vet before?) Anyway, nicest dog..a volunteer helped me take him out of the kennel and that poor dog had been waiting to go to the bathroom forever (they don't get walked daily there) and both the volunteer and I have never seen a dog pee for so long in our may sound silly to talk about - but imagine how it would be to be holding it because you didn't want to go in you room where you sleep...that poor dog had been trained to not go inside probably by the same people who abandoned him at the shelter. nicest dog ever- he has a bad eye - blind and foggy looking.

The second dog I took pics of was a pit who had very obviously just had a litter - very saggy dog boobs. Again though- she was the nicest dog ever. It hurt to look at her scarred face (fought?) and to run my hands over her bony ribs and protruding hip bones. Both dogs cried when I left them in their kennels and walked away. I don't know which of these dogs (both? neither?) will be put could be the subject in my first piece. I feel a little sick to think about it.

In the kennel next to the pit is a rottweiler - thin as ever. That poor dog - along with another- was left abandoned by its owner after she moved. Now if that wasn;t bad enough - the dogs were CHAINED and left with no food and water. Evidently the woman who owned them has been given community service at the shelter. I personally would prefer they chain her to tree for a week with no food and stupid and evil can a person be???

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rolling Rescue

So I prior to the big idea, I was working with the rolling rescue is really amazing... so the main shelter is so packed that volunteers have organized to send adoptable dogs to other shelters who have a higher demand for smaller sized dogs and puppies. This is mainly were I have been volunteering my time - cleaning cages, walking, medicating, socializing, and bathing animals that will be sent to a shelter in New York. Anyway, I am so excited because I am going to be the next driver...I will be driving a load of 40? 50? dogs and puppies to two shelters in New York (Albany and Queensbury). I am pretty excited. I mean if you realize that these dogs that are being sent had a huge chance of being euthanized - it is truly saving their once they are delivered, that frees up more space to save that many more.
So I am going to start my project here. This will be a hard project that focuses on the deaths- so I thought why not start with hope, because even though millions of pets die each year- there is hope....stay tuned.......


p.s. check out the shelter here at

Saturday, August 18, 2007


So they said okay. I think I'll start this coming week. Just getting over the stomache flu so I might as well start with my stomache already in knots....

Monday, August 13, 2007

In the beginning...

So I have decided to make a commitment. I just have to get past city hall first.
Over the next year I plan on documenting the deaths of animals at the local shelter. I wont go into details yet- but it'll take fifty two weeks.
I wasn't going to post anything yet, but I started to think that the process before the process would be important. Hope so.
More to come later......