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Monday, August 27, 2007

New York, golden labs and pits

So I got back this weekend after delivering 40 dogs to two shelters in New York. I can't truly describe what it is like driving all night with forty dogs in the back of a cargo van. I was tired, they were scared and car sick, projectile vomiting occurred, mass howling existed....but i made it. The first group went to a rescue group called Homeward Bound can see the dogs through petfinder. They are a new group the shelter is working with - they do fostering out of people's homes and don't have an actual shelter.

The second and last stop was the SPCA ... now this place is a massive shelter...they showed me around and I don't know how many animals there were there- but tons. So if you are reading this and live anywhere near there -quick - get in your car and go get a dog. I was told that once they get there our dogs and puppies are adopted pretty quickly since we send small dogs and puppies. Being there and seeing the huge number of animals really makes the problem of pet overpopulation and owner incompetence seem so enormously overwhelming. I thought that the trip would make me feel all warm and tingly inside and instead it just made me realize even more how huge the issue is. Even though I was exhausted after being on the road 16 or so hours I couldn't sleep. The mass quantities of the animals at the shelter and the ones at our shelter kept me up. I am glad the SPCA won't kill them ever, but shit there are so many - and to think that this is just the tip of the ice burg as far as what exists out there. I hope to go again though. Maybe I'll have the chance.

Yesterday, I took photos of two dogs at our shelter who are probably being put down today or tomorrow. One was an elderly yellow lab whose owner brought it in because it wouldn't eat? (perhaps they haven't heard of a vet before?) Anyway, nicest dog..a volunteer helped me take him out of the kennel and that poor dog had been waiting to go to the bathroom forever (they don't get walked daily there) and both the volunteer and I have never seen a dog pee for so long in our may sound silly to talk about - but imagine how it would be to be holding it because you didn't want to go in you room where you sleep...that poor dog had been trained to not go inside probably by the same people who abandoned him at the shelter. nicest dog ever- he has a bad eye - blind and foggy looking.

The second dog I took pics of was a pit who had very obviously just had a litter - very saggy dog boobs. Again though- she was the nicest dog ever. It hurt to look at her scarred face (fought?) and to run my hands over her bony ribs and protruding hip bones. Both dogs cried when I left them in their kennels and walked away. I don't know which of these dogs (both? neither?) will be put could be the subject in my first piece. I feel a little sick to think about it.

In the kennel next to the pit is a rottweiler - thin as ever. That poor dog - along with another- was left abandoned by its owner after she moved. Now if that wasn;t bad enough - the dogs were CHAINED and left with no food and water. Evidently the woman who owned them has been given community service at the shelter. I personally would prefer they chain her to tree for a week with no food and stupid and evil can a person be???

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