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Monday, August 20, 2007

Rolling Rescue

So I prior to the big idea, I was working with the rolling rescue is really amazing... so the main shelter is so packed that volunteers have organized to send adoptable dogs to other shelters who have a higher demand for smaller sized dogs and puppies. This is mainly were I have been volunteering my time - cleaning cages, walking, medicating, socializing, and bathing animals that will be sent to a shelter in New York. Anyway, I am so excited because I am going to be the next driver...I will be driving a load of 40? 50? dogs and puppies to two shelters in New York (Albany and Queensbury). I am pretty excited. I mean if you realize that these dogs that are being sent had a huge chance of being euthanized - it is truly saving their once they are delivered, that frees up more space to save that many more.
So I am going to start my project here. This will be a hard project that focuses on the deaths- so I thought why not start with hope, because even though millions of pets die each year- there is hope....stay tuned.......


p.s. check out the shelter here at

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