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Thursday, September 13, 2007

unfinished work..

This is the drawing for week one- unfinished...due to the cost of canvas/paint and storage issues coupled with no studio (I work out of a one room cabin and paint while sitting on my bed due to lack of chair) I have decided it would be best to draw the images. There is something about the lack of color that I feel works with this project ..... I have also decided symbols are going to be important as well...

The last post was a bit negative- but this week I stopped by the shelter for a couple of hours and saw 2 dogs being taken to rescues in Knoxville and NH, a large orange cat named Big Shug adopted, a young cattle dog adopted and a small Jack Russle-ish adopted. So good things do happen.

This photo is from Sunday's photos from the large group of dogs turned in at once...last I knew they were still alive.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

So Sunday is the day. The day that I go around the shelter and take pics of potential soon to be euthanized animals. I choose four to five dogs or cats with the help of the staff. I talk to the ones I take pics of and take out of the pens if possible. Sunday I also work for the Rolling Rescue and am feeding cleaning etc. Sunday is pretty busy.
Yesterday I took my pics and I am so frustrated. Frustrated because there are so many. So many people keep bringing animals in....and not enough are taking them out. I try not to get attached to any of the faces that I see but it is hard. One dog - Teddy - is waiting for a home. I worry about him. He is such a good dog and I was told his owner had died. (I would die all over again if I ever knew my pets were in a shelter after I died.)
But what frustrated me the most this Sunday was that there were two pens with about five dogs in each (normally they each get their own) - the thing is that someone just decided they had too many- couldn't afford? got tired of them? dunno. They all came from one house. One. So here sit this entire family of dogs (they look very related) and they are terrified and not socialized and I would be surprised if they weren't all put down. It sucks. They wont even get A chance since they are not socialized and some are growling- there is no room - there is no time to work with them. The place is - as they say- busting at the seams with animals. People keep bringing them and bringing them. In fact, when I worked Saturday someone had squeezed a large dog through an opening in the gate after hours...just left it there. cowards. At least have the decency to bring it in to give the staff any information on it so that it might have a better chance for adoption.
I know this is a bit rambly..well aren't they all I guess. I have an idea about an installation that I could do involving garbage bags - the kind used to put the bodies in after euthanasia. (it felt a little sick to type that)
p.s. Please feel free to comment...just click on comment...feeling a little lonely here......

Thursday, September 6, 2007


On Tuesday I checked in with the shelter to see which of the cats I had taken pics of where euthanized. The torti was still there and I was so happy to see that. The rest of the five I took pics of where gone- plus others.
Later that day I witnessed an accident by my home- it was terrible. I saw a guy get killed- he was only 19. I am still shaken up. Because of this I am going to use the image of a cat put down that had been hit by a car. When I opened the cage to pet him he just layed there and purred. here is his picture...

I also want you to see the picture of the dog from week one.

Both of these animals where good animals..friendly and beautiful.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So I went to the shelter yesterday to take this weeks photos. Cats. I decided I might do cats this week. There are tons. I made friends with a cat that was labeled mean (just scared I guess - the mean ones seem to like me for whatever reason) anyway beautiful torti. I don't know if it will be her picture. I hope she gets a chance. There were tiny kittens that because of their age might be put down. crap.
I ended up working at the rolling rescue building since only one person was there doing all the work - erp. I guess since it was a holiday people had plans..I don't mind- but am feeling a little sick achy and when I got home was exhausted.
Oh yeah we got to set up a booth at a new gas station in Cosby. If you find yourself in Cosby TN go get gas at the corner of Jones Cove and 321 - Billy's Station. They were so cool to let the shelter set up for their grand opening....I must buy large quantaties of gas from them - since I do use large quantities it shouldn't b e a problem.......
I have some work soon as I get it saved to CD and drag it down to the library computer I'll put it on here..I have decided symbolism is important..I also am having several ideas for perfomance and installation etc. my mind is awash with ideas at the moment.......

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I am having the hardest time with this project already. The first dog to go was the yellow lab with the bad eye. Poor guy. I have been sketching and sketching and I have this pressure over the work because of its importance. I do a drawing and I think - not good enough.
I was feeling so blocked. Strangely enough whenever I get stuck I take my sketchbook out to lunch or coffee - something about an enviornment filled with people who I am not connected with fuels my ideas. So I took the magic sketchbook to lunch and over a terribly overpriced salad and sweet tea (neither that I can truly afford) I was able to figure things out.
The problem I was/am having is how do I show the poor animal in its true self- yet keep my style as an artist. I know I can do it now. Poor guy....and to think week 2 is in the day after tomorrow.
When I am able to I am going to put some sketches on here....sorry it is hard since I don't have a laptop or email at home..thank god for public library computers. Anyone have a laptop they wanna send me? :)
Well off to the shelter..did I mention that I volunteer there and help clean, walk and give meds? Yes. great excercise, good for the soul, and a great place to meet people...yeah I'll be talking about the people there soon - there are some very inspiring people around here.......
p.s. I don't have anything listed yet, but I have just signed up with etsy - you can find me at -- Thanks Jessica!!! As soon as I resize my images I'll be listing several!