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Saturday, September 1, 2007


I am having the hardest time with this project already. The first dog to go was the yellow lab with the bad eye. Poor guy. I have been sketching and sketching and I have this pressure over the work because of its importance. I do a drawing and I think - not good enough.
I was feeling so blocked. Strangely enough whenever I get stuck I take my sketchbook out to lunch or coffee - something about an enviornment filled with people who I am not connected with fuels my ideas. So I took the magic sketchbook to lunch and over a terribly overpriced salad and sweet tea (neither that I can truly afford) I was able to figure things out.
The problem I was/am having is how do I show the poor animal in its true self- yet keep my style as an artist. I know I can do it now. Poor guy....and to think week 2 is in the day after tomorrow.
When I am able to I am going to put some sketches on here....sorry it is hard since I don't have a laptop or email at home..thank god for public library computers. Anyone have a laptop they wanna send me? :)
Well off to the shelter..did I mention that I volunteer there and help clean, walk and give meds? Yes. great excercise, good for the soul, and a great place to meet people...yeah I'll be talking about the people there soon - there are some very inspiring people around here.......
p.s. I don't have anything listed yet, but I have just signed up with etsy - you can find me at -- Thanks Jessica!!! As soon as I resize my images I'll be listing several!

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