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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So I went to the shelter yesterday to take this weeks photos. Cats. I decided I might do cats this week. There are tons. I made friends with a cat that was labeled mean (just scared I guess - the mean ones seem to like me for whatever reason) anyway beautiful torti. I don't know if it will be her picture. I hope she gets a chance. There were tiny kittens that because of their age might be put down. crap.
I ended up working at the rolling rescue building since only one person was there doing all the work - erp. I guess since it was a holiday people had plans..I don't mind- but am feeling a little sick achy and when I got home was exhausted.
Oh yeah we got to set up a booth at a new gas station in Cosby. If you find yourself in Cosby TN go get gas at the corner of Jones Cove and 321 - Billy's Station. They were so cool to let the shelter set up for their grand opening....I must buy large quantaties of gas from them - since I do use large quantities it shouldn't b e a problem.......
I have some work soon as I get it saved to CD and drag it down to the library computer I'll put it on here..I have decided symbolism is important..I also am having several ideas for perfomance and installation etc. my mind is awash with ideas at the moment.......

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