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Monday, September 10, 2007

So Sunday is the day. The day that I go around the shelter and take pics of potential soon to be euthanized animals. I choose four to five dogs or cats with the help of the staff. I talk to the ones I take pics of and take out of the pens if possible. Sunday I also work for the Rolling Rescue and am feeding cleaning etc. Sunday is pretty busy.
Yesterday I took my pics and I am so frustrated. Frustrated because there are so many. So many people keep bringing animals in....and not enough are taking them out. I try not to get attached to any of the faces that I see but it is hard. One dog - Teddy - is waiting for a home. I worry about him. He is such a good dog and I was told his owner had died. (I would die all over again if I ever knew my pets were in a shelter after I died.)
But what frustrated me the most this Sunday was that there were two pens with about five dogs in each (normally they each get their own) - the thing is that someone just decided they had too many- couldn't afford? got tired of them? dunno. They all came from one house. One. So here sit this entire family of dogs (they look very related) and they are terrified and not socialized and I would be surprised if they weren't all put down. It sucks. They wont even get A chance since they are not socialized and some are growling- there is no room - there is no time to work with them. The place is - as they say- busting at the seams with animals. People keep bringing them and bringing them. In fact, when I worked Saturday someone had squeezed a large dog through an opening in the gate after hours...just left it there. cowards. At least have the decency to bring it in to give the staff any information on it so that it might have a better chance for adoption.
I know this is a bit rambly..well aren't they all I guess. I have an idea about an installation that I could do involving garbage bags - the kind used to put the bodies in after euthanasia. (it felt a little sick to type that)
p.s. Please feel free to comment...just click on comment...feeling a little lonely here......

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