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Thursday, September 13, 2007

unfinished work..

This is the drawing for week one- unfinished...due to the cost of canvas/paint and storage issues coupled with no studio (I work out of a one room cabin and paint while sitting on my bed due to lack of chair) I have decided it would be best to draw the images. There is something about the lack of color that I feel works with this project ..... I have also decided symbols are going to be important as well...

The last post was a bit negative- but this week I stopped by the shelter for a couple of hours and saw 2 dogs being taken to rescues in Knoxville and NH, a large orange cat named Big Shug adopted, a young cattle dog adopted and a small Jack Russle-ish adopted. So good things do happen.

This photo is from Sunday's photos from the large group of dogs turned in at once...last I knew they were still alive.....

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