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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I just left the shelter. I took pictures of a biting dog, a mother with her pups and a sick kitten along with a few others. I also decided I should take short 52 second videos of the animals. So I did a few today - I have to get the camera home to see them, but if they are good at all I will post.
A group of about 15 dogs went to Florida this last week- and I was happy to see empty cages when I got to the Rolling Rescue building ..more room to save them from the main shelter - yeah.
It is pretty rough seeing the same faces each week.. knowing that their time is running out. Did I ever mention that the euthanasia rate is like 80%! I am not sure if that is taking into account those lucky few that get sent on the rolling rescue or not. I do worry about the Rolling Rescue program...never enough people to help them out and money - er money.
The people who volunteer are so awesome though. There is a couple that I see there on a regular basis - they take interest in dogs at the main shelter and take them out to festivals and feed them good food and walk them. I don't know how many dogs have been saved just from the effort they make. There are actually many people like that. I think that this is just as an important part as anything and will need to include this somehow in the project.
Anyway, time is short (especially on a library computer) so I gotta get going. Tonight is going to be all about making ACEOs.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

oh man, it has been forever since I have been able to update this a new job and with an hour and a half plus drive both ways leaves little time....
Heard some cool news from one of the Northern shelters taking dogs from here - Bidawee..they were on Fox and Friends with two of our puppies we sent..yea. I also found that one of the dogs - Kera ended up in a place across from Central Park.
I am still taking my pics each week and am making changes in the "art" part of it...A little too tired now to go into it....
The above pics are a couple of the babies in the Rolling Rescue part and will hopefully be in homes soon.