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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fortress and a model

So I was thinking about the animals that hide. Last week I took several images of cats hiding under papers, blankets, and behind litter boxes. I decided to start a drawing of one of the dogs that I couldn't get to touch and talk to because it was growling and hiding. When I went to the kennel it went inside and looked out the door and growled- it was scared. I decided to do this particular drawing of the dog looking out of a castle-like wall (I am creating a fortress for it to hide in). it is about midway done - I'll post pics when it is finished. I have several pieces going - those of you who know how I work - know this is not the end of the 52 days it'll all be solid.
I also have been thinking about the volunteers and the good things that happen...I asked Cynthia (the woman who runs the rolling rescue program) if she would model for me on Friday. She said so excited to start this piece - it'll be the first on the volunteers at the shelter and what they accomplish.
I am getting a laptop in about a week- so things should get done more on here - more images.....
p.s. I have a t.v. interview with a local station this Friday..........
p.p.s. people keep asking me about the "book" that I am doing. I have decided why not? I'll be making a book to go with this - know any publishers?

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