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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


So I went to the shelter this morning. There were actually a few people there and things got done quickly. In fact, the main shelter got done so quickly they locked up before I got my pics inside for this week.

I gave all of the outside dogs a treat and a bone - ooo they loved that! One small black shep/lab mixed pup was so excited it ran around like it had just been given the finest toy it had ever seen - was fun to watch. I am sorry I missed the inside dogs.

There is parvo again - I gave fluids to a small puppy this morning..poor thing - I just got a call that it is not doing well at all...shit.

My camera seems to be on its way out. Since I started the project my batteries have drained when ever I went to the shelter and then acted fine after - weird. A few weeks ago my settings started acting funny there too - the shutter stays open too long - anyway, it is doing it all the time now. I am not happy. I hope to get a new camera soon- until then, wont be able to post much :( Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll wake up one morning and see a digital camera sitting in my porch - you never know this morning it happened with chocolate....

I haven't finished any new art yet - have been too depressed - recent loss off grandmother and holidays has made me sluggish...I did however realize I have many large pieces of watercolor paper = perhaps my art will be taking a different turn - perhaps the ruined work will be a good thing...

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