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Sunday, December 23, 2007


I am so cold..never seem to be able to get warm in this little shack I live in. I need to be drawing. I usually go to the shelter on the weekend, but decided instead to go on Christmas. I am sure they could use the help, plus I want to give the animals a special treat (now I have to remember to buy a really big bag of treats).

I really want these works to be painted. I am so frustrated right now - I can't afford canvas. I don't even really have a studio - I have one room I sleep in, watch t.v. in, use computer in and make art in. It is bigger than the little cabin in the woods, but I hope someday to have a studio- a real studio. While I am dreaming a real house would be nice - with a real bedroom. oh well.

This project makes me so down sometimes, but I know the rolling rescue just made some trips to NY and FL and dogs were saved because of it. I truly don't know how I could do this if the rolling rescue was not there. Yesterday someone asked me why dogs are better of in the places they are sent. I guess people are more responsible - more educated. Plus what is sent are the cutest puppies and smaller dogs - with a few larger thrown in now and then. But even those shelters wont take them all - no hounds, no brindled, etc. etc. this project is really REALLY opening my eyes to how our society makes so many decisions based upon how visually appealing things are. It just breaks me up how the most supremely gentle and wonderful dogs and cats are passed over simply because they look the wrong way. It breaks me up that people will buy puppies from malls and parking lots and spend hundreds of dollars when they could have gone to a shelter and spent less and saved a life.

My little Nigel Longbottom is sitting at my feet right now - my little chihuahua(ish) I adopted from the rolling rescue. He stares at me with his large bulbous eyes while his jacked up under bite makes him look like he could attack at any minute. When I helped care for him at the shelter, he looked so pathetic to me - but since I have brought him home, his tail rarely stops wagging. He is ugly to most, but beautiful to me. I wish I could take them all home....I'll post more pics after Christmas...

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