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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

so went to the shelter to take the pics ....
Seems like the theme this week is sick and injured,,,,,In the isolation room there are several ill cats and it is heartbreaking to see their crusty eyes and watch them lay quiet in the corner of their cage. One cat has a rather large tumor on its toe. I was horrified when I saw it - it looks so painful. I have no idea why the cat ended up there, but I hope that it gets a home and some help.

Prior to going I was contacted by the shelter director to see about a no kill I volunteered at in IA. A paralyzed beagle is at the shelter and needs a good place to be sent. Apparently, someone is donating a wheelchair for him - so that is good news. However, the Animal Lifeline is packed full and have no room for him...hopefully something will open up. hopefully.

In the cage above the paralyzed beagle, is a small min pin with mange and man he looks terrible. Two small dachshunds are in the main kennel and both are blind or at least partially. The sad thing is they didn't even seem to know where they where - just as happy as ever...maybe that is good thing though. I never know anymore.

overall, there were a lot of new faces and I was unable to find out about a large houndish shepardish dog that I secretly had fallen in love with....I hope his empty cage meant he had a home and had not been put in the freezer. I was feeling pretty sad about the possibility there of him not making it and that he could be this weeks image.....

I decided to bath the paralyzed beagle and he used me as a porta potty as I held him in his towel afterwards. I have never smelled so bad in my life..thank god for a store named Catos (I hope I spelled right), a very nice employee there, a great sale, and free perfume samples - otherwise I would not have been able to stand it - yuck

But good things do happen - a sad looking Rottweiler had been adopted and the new owners brought her in today. When I saw her she was a big bony pile and didn't respond to me at all. Sometimes she would look up a little, but had seemed resigned to her fate - but to see her today made was wonderful. Her new people were so happy with her and said she even slept in their bed....I was too excited to see her and how happy she was, that I forgot to ask her people's names - whoops...but I did get a pic of them and that is the happy pic you see here...

happy sight!

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Lost In Wonder said...

Oh, this made me so happy that I got my Murphy from a pound. I know that the lady there was guiding me towards him, probably because she liked him a lot and didn't want anything bad to happen. He was the perfect dog for me, and unfortunately, I can't even imagine having another one (he died in the summer of 2004, after a very long life).