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Saturday, December 8, 2007


I kind of like being at the shelter at night. There are times when the dogs get quiet and you can hear them stirring softly in their kennels trying to get comfortable. Things are a little more peaceful. Tonight I was at the shelter.

I decided to run by to take my pics, but then I realized that only one person was signed up to volunteer in the Rolling Rescue - Cynthia. So I decided to scoop some poop, walk some dogs and do what I could to help out. Nothing like good, hard work on a Saturday night. Before taking the job in Knoxville I was there every Saturday (certainly not something that helps the social life I can assure you).

Anyway, I was happy to see some of the dogs I was worried about over in the Rolling rescue building...yes only last week I was worried they would be gone soon - and tonight I got to hold them and play with them. They will be going to shelters in New York, Florida, or Wisconsin. Bideawee has been working with the rolling rescue and I think they are going to be taking over 20 next trip!! yes. (check out their link under the shelters heading - the second start program has pics of dogs rescued from here - look at Buster! I helped save him from parvo by giving him fluids and med - he was so sick and he looks so good now!)

However, I was never so disappointed to hear that with all of the news coverage recently that there were still many animals euthanized. I had hoped generous people from the area after hearing the stories on the news, reading it in the papers, and listening to it on the radio would be lined up to adopt and give. Not so much...I was told the kennels were so full they had dogs waiting in the van with no place to be put. People did call- but not many showed up - Cynthia did tell me a man from Knoxville came out and adopted. I am grateful for that man. Thank you. But, mostly people called and never showed up. The place is packed. I heard more euthanizing will take place Monday morning.

My heart ached as I walked the kennels tonight, knowing that so many lives were so limited. Like the old hound with the pink collar- I told her I was sorry and that I wanted her to be free. It sucks. I want to take them all home - that wouldn't solve the problem. I gave each one a treat and I talked to them as I always do. (Even the biters). I gave the old hound 10. I gave the rottweiler that sat when I waved a treat in front of her 3. I gave the mixed brindle who whined 2. That could be the last they will ever get. I can't tell you how sad that makes me.

- On a brighter note - I did get the laptop (thanks david!!) and this is the first time I could do the blog right after the shelter vist. I am now sitting at Perkins sipping coffe and listening to Christmans music. Anyone want to give me a Christmas gift? Adopt and give to your local shelter.
I am so tired now - the drive to the shelter is an hour each way and this wifi stop is only 30 min. into it....I don't know if I'll get much drawing done so tired and I bet my own dogs (each a rescue I might add) are waiting anxiously for me to return and give them each my undivided attention......


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