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Monday, December 3, 2007

Okay so it has been a crazy couple of weeks...due to my job, I had to move to the great city of Knoxville - does that make me a Knoxvillian now? Anyway, I did that over Thanksgiving and it got me a bit behind on the project. There has been some good press on it however over the last couple of weeks though...check out my story on the local NBC station at

(sorry you'll have to copy and paste - I am having troubles linking today)

I was also in the Newport paper - but have been unable to find a link online. That story was focused on the voting from the city council on the project - I wasn't even able to be there due to my job so I was lucky to have the director speak in my behalf. (Thanks Dr. Hood!) I didn't hear it, but my radio interview also played recently. oh man.

The hardest interview was the t.v. though since only that morning my Grandma passed away - so hard to talk about this subject anyway- and to have the loss of someone important in my life made it more difficult. She would have been excited to see me on there - I wish she could have.

I have been looking online at publishers since I need to have the images and story published in conjunction with my showings (that have yet to be placed). So much to do- so much to do. A year seemed like a long time- but things are already happening at such a quick pace! Before long the 52 weeks will have passed.

I haven't even looked at my pics for this week. I have a elderly hound dog in my mind- she has been there too long- each time I see her she responds less and less. This last time was with the reporter and she didn't even get up. She may be my newest subject - I hate it. She wears a pink collar - someone cared about her - I hope someone comes and saves her- I hope I am wrong....

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