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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Life can be very tough sometimes - as this project has shown. My personal life has been making things so difficult for me to work on this lately. I have missed going to the shelter for the last 2 weeks because I just couldn't afford the gas. Finances are tough and the shelter is an hour away. I will miss more time now, due to my mother having a stroke. Things are just so hard right now.

In the time I have been away I have been swimming through the piles of images that I have taken while there. The sad part is that I could very easily create the 52 main images now. It amazes me how many animals have gone in such a short time - I only began in the Fall. I have realized that what I thought would be a very linear project, has become not so. It is hard to decide which dog or cat I will use. I hate the fact that those that I don't include may never be remembered - I hate that.

I am working on ideas of how to use the photos. Will they be printed - collaged - transfered onto material? - I don't know yet. I have so much work to do and life being so hard is making it more difficult than I could ever imagine. I have been working on some positive images of animals to donate to the shelter - I hope someone can donate money to have them printed and framed - the employees have been working so hard on making that place look better and I would be honored to have my work hang in their halls.

The above image is a more positive one - it is one of the dogs interacting with the reporter Anthony Welsch from WBIR when he did my interview in Knoxville. It is one of my favorite images so far. I just wanted to put something nice on here today.

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Perla* said...

Hi Mary,
I hope you mother is recovering well and things have started to get better by now...
I love your work - at the shelter as well as you photograph!