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Friday, February 29, 2008


oh man. So life can really take some wild turns and mine has had some pretty sharp ones lately. I have moved to Iowa - my Mom needs me to be here for her. But the project continues - well, it will when I can get my studio up an working again. Things are in such disarray right now,, but I have tons of pictures to work from and I will be traveling back there as soon as I am able. (anyone want to donate to the help Mary travel to Newport fund?) I am seriously thinking of starting a shop on etsy to help pay for that... I will NOT let this project stop!

I feel so bad for not having posted for so long - the move has taken a lot out of me. As soon as I get some more work to post I will - in fact, I was just unpacking some small boards that I will be using. (I bought them in Knoxville instead of paying my utilities a couple of months back) I have the new work in my mind - it is simply a matter of getting the studio working and sitting down and doing it....