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Friday, April 4, 2008


So I was so glad to see that Oprah did a show on puppy mills and the overpopulation of dogs. It was wonderful to see such a well known public person use her show to educate people on where many puppies come from and the how horrible the conditions are. The fact that she showed the dogs that were euthanized in the shelter was wonderful. This project I am working on is so hard, and it was good to see press on the subject.
Watching the show today made me think to the euthanasia that I witnessed. I hated it so much - I loved all of the dogs and puppies put down that day. They knew when they went in the room - they knew. I really wanted to scream and steal them away, but I just held my emotions in because I was there to do a job - to document, to see, to learn and to understand. I held it all in that day until I got home and then cancelled my plans and climbed in bed. I didn't like seeing it. However, I need to see it again - I have more work to do.
I am having such a hard time with not being able to go the shelter. I think about it everyday and love to get updates on the goings on there - but I miss to be able to meet the animals - to touch them and talk to them. The art means so much more to me when I can know the subject. I know I will get back there, but I wish I knew when.
Ok it is late, and this stuff was just running through my head,,, so thought I'd throw it on here...the pictures above are some I took... I was just thinking of their faces.....i don't even know what happened to them all - I have so many pictures and I look at so many - and I just don't know...


marjie said...

I was so happy to hear that she did a show- I didn't get to see it yet, but I live in chicago so I've driven past the billboard that says "Oprah, do a show about puppy mills!" I never expected her to see it!

Mary said...

Thank goodness for billboards! :)