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Monday, September 29, 2008


I have been sick and haven't worked on anything for a bit. I have been so tired and unable to sleep for a full night - and when I do sleep I have really odd dreams. I just woke up from one,,, I dreamt that I was at a show and all of the work kinda stunk - but there was an element that ran through the work.. over and over again I saw it.. the idea of disposable.. made me think of this project.. I have been focused lately on the drawings and I have been neglecting the element of the disposable nature that society has somehow put upon the animals.. I know exactly what to do with it now - thanx to the dream. I haven't mentioned it in here enough, but I have thrown out so many ideas/works - .. but am focused now.. even have a place to show it ..(wont be for a long few months).

Oh guess I am rambling, am so tired, but I just woke up thinking about the dream and past experimentation I had done in the studio and I had to just write it down. I was also thinking about how in the middle of the night sometimes the memory of one of the dogs or cats pops in my head and how I feel a bit haunted by them - but not in a bad way. Like I said I haven't been working for a bit - sick and I want to get back to the drawings.. I think about the stack of then, but part of my sick is my eyes are screwed up so until it clears can't work.. ugh. But now I know as part of the disposable part, I have to get a lot of fast food. yup. fast food.

I know this might not make any sense yet, but like I said,, I am sick and tired and just had the weirdest dream.. good things come in dreams - ideas - signs I guess.. so I thought since I neglect the blog I would go ahead and type this before I was fully awake.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

just a note..

if you have found this via my profile .. just want to let you know this project is real and not part of the "fake" blog works I am doing :) This is a serious project, and because it has been difficult has helped lead me to the fake identities I am creating work under.. you can look under my profile for lundbergart to see a full description of what I am doing

ok, if you didn't get here via my profile and are wondering what in the world? please take a look at this blog and if you want to see how different my other work is please click on my profile.

confusing enough?

oh, and i have not drawn yet today since I have hurt my neck/back (pinched nerve?) and can hardly move so am not doing anything. But I spent time thinking and wondering.. should patterning be involved in the drawings? I wonder......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


oh man, so I projected 27 images today.. I would have done more, but i ran out of paper. I am projecting the photos I have taken - enlarging them and am doing a basic outline of each animal. I will be going back in and working the image.. right now i am working on reeves bfk.. i would prefer bristol, but with the size I want reeves is more accessible to me.. plus as I was working today.. it was growing on me.. feels much more organic than the bristol does. I have no images to add today since i was an idiot and forgot to take the camera.. but i will try and get some on tomorrow. (I really do wish I had the camera since the projector was the oldest coolest thing i had seen.. )
I found when i was going through photos that there were many images with 'groups' of animals so i decided that I would do those images as the group as opposed the individual. I am leaving a lot of negative space and am still wondering if that space will be as it is or will I add color? Hmmmm.. I am moving away (at least at this time) from the symbolism i began with.. when i was working with the images using gimp, I found the absence of the environment had a real appeal to for now that is where i am ... i am too tired to draw anymore tonight.. i hope to get tons done tomorrow and get some images on here...
I have to say it was weird seeing the faces of the dogs and cats projected on the wall and knowing they are gone.. it made me sad, but also determined.

Monday, September 8, 2008

questions and projections

oh man, it has been a rough few months and this project has really taken a hit. I have found out that I will have the use of a projector this Wednesday to enlarge the photos and transfer to paper/canvas.. am very excited, since I really - really need this! I will take photos of the process and get some images of the work on asap.

One thing I have been following in the news is that the VP pick for the Republican party promoted the shooting of wolves from helicopters/airplanes.. and offered a bounty of$150 for the leg of a killed wolf. I am so upset by this news..... what a cowardly thing to do. I am not against hunting - however, I am against the sensless slaughter of living creatures... this is just that. My family once had a wolf hybrid as a pet. His name was Kai and was the most gentle intelligent creature I have ever met in my life. Kai loved cats and on many occasions stole kittens from our cat's litters - we would find him curled up with the little kittens - mothering them. When I heard about Palin and her stance on this in the news I was beyond disgusted. I can't comprehend how someone would think that is right.

sooo I saw on the ABC news site they were asking for questions for Palin so I posed these..

1. Why does she think it is okay to shoot wolves from helicopters/planes and mutilate their bodies for a bounty?
2. What role does she feel the government should take in supporting artists working in the United States? Does she support an increase for the NEA (for assisting living artist's work)?

I am also interested in all of the candidates views on support of artists in this country.. from what I have seen - McCain is not too keen on it and has not given a solid answer when asked. Obama has not gone into great detail as well, but I have read he wants health care for us. Anyway, I won't spend too much time on this - but the election does affect what I do.