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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


oh man, so I projected 27 images today.. I would have done more, but i ran out of paper. I am projecting the photos I have taken - enlarging them and am doing a basic outline of each animal. I will be going back in and working the image.. right now i am working on reeves bfk.. i would prefer bristol, but with the size I want reeves is more accessible to me.. plus as I was working today.. it was growing on me.. feels much more organic than the bristol does. I have no images to add today since i was an idiot and forgot to take the camera.. but i will try and get some on tomorrow. (I really do wish I had the camera since the projector was the oldest coolest thing i had seen.. )
I found when i was going through photos that there were many images with 'groups' of animals so i decided that I would do those images as the group as opposed the individual. I am leaving a lot of negative space and am still wondering if that space will be as it is or will I add color? Hmmmm.. I am moving away (at least at this time) from the symbolism i began with.. when i was working with the images using gimp, I found the absence of the environment had a real appeal to for now that is where i am ... i am too tired to draw anymore tonight.. i hope to get tons done tomorrow and get some images on here...
I have to say it was weird seeing the faces of the dogs and cats projected on the wall and knowing they are gone.. it made me sad, but also determined.

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