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Monday, September 29, 2008


I have been sick and haven't worked on anything for a bit. I have been so tired and unable to sleep for a full night - and when I do sleep I have really odd dreams. I just woke up from one,,, I dreamt that I was at a show and all of the work kinda stunk - but there was an element that ran through the work.. over and over again I saw it.. the idea of disposable.. made me think of this project.. I have been focused lately on the drawings and I have been neglecting the element of the disposable nature that society has somehow put upon the animals.. I know exactly what to do with it now - thanx to the dream. I haven't mentioned it in here enough, but I have thrown out so many ideas/works - .. but am focused now.. even have a place to show it ..(wont be for a long few months).

Oh guess I am rambling, am so tired, but I just woke up thinking about the dream and past experimentation I had done in the studio and I had to just write it down. I was also thinking about how in the middle of the night sometimes the memory of one of the dogs or cats pops in my head and how I feel a bit haunted by them - but not in a bad way. Like I said I haven't been working for a bit - sick and I want to get back to the drawings.. I think about the stack of then, but part of my sick is my eyes are screwed up so until it clears can't work.. ugh. But now I know as part of the disposable part, I have to get a lot of fast food. yup. fast food.

I know this might not make any sense yet, but like I said,, I am sick and tired and just had the weirdest dream.. good things come in dreams - ideas - signs I guess.. so I thought since I neglect the blog I would go ahead and type this before I was fully awake.

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