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Thursday, September 11, 2008

just a note..

if you have found this via my profile .. just want to let you know this project is real and not part of the "fake" blog works I am doing :) This is a serious project, and because it has been difficult has helped lead me to the fake identities I am creating work under.. you can look under my profile for lundbergart to see a full description of what I am doing

ok, if you didn't get here via my profile and are wondering what in the world? please take a look at this blog and if you want to see how different my other work is please click on my profile.

confusing enough?

oh, and i have not drawn yet today since I have hurt my neck/back (pinched nerve?) and can hardly move so am not doing anything. But I spent time thinking and wondering.. should patterning be involved in the drawings? I wonder......

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