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Monday, September 8, 2008

questions and projections

oh man, it has been a rough few months and this project has really taken a hit. I have found out that I will have the use of a projector this Wednesday to enlarge the photos and transfer to paper/canvas.. am very excited, since I really - really need this! I will take photos of the process and get some images of the work on asap.

One thing I have been following in the news is that the VP pick for the Republican party promoted the shooting of wolves from helicopters/airplanes.. and offered a bounty of$150 for the leg of a killed wolf. I am so upset by this news..... what a cowardly thing to do. I am not against hunting - however, I am against the sensless slaughter of living creatures... this is just that. My family once had a wolf hybrid as a pet. His name was Kai and was the most gentle intelligent creature I have ever met in my life. Kai loved cats and on many occasions stole kittens from our cat's litters - we would find him curled up with the little kittens - mothering them. When I heard about Palin and her stance on this in the news I was beyond disgusted. I can't comprehend how someone would think that is right.

sooo I saw on the ABC news site they were asking for questions for Palin so I posed these..

1. Why does she think it is okay to shoot wolves from helicopters/planes and mutilate their bodies for a bounty?
2. What role does she feel the government should take in supporting artists working in the United States? Does she support an increase for the NEA (for assisting living artist's work)?

I am also interested in all of the candidates views on support of artists in this country.. from what I have seen - McCain is not too keen on it and has not given a solid answer when asked. Obama has not gone into great detail as well, but I have read he wants health care for us. Anyway, I won't spend too much time on this - but the election does affect what I do.

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