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Thursday, October 9, 2008

in progress....and the Jillian story.

Here is one of the drawings I am working on - in fact, I was working on it tonight and I remembered that I hadn't added any of this work to the blog .. I am working from a photo I had taken of one of the dogs .. I remember this guy, he was older and lanky and was so friendly - I would have taken him home if I could... I really liked him. But, my house was overflowing with dogs .. the one on the top picture is Jillian Jones Appalachian Highway Dog.... I picked her up one day while I was on my way to do the laundry.. someone had just dumped her along the highway and I saw her chasing their red pickup down the highway. I caught up to her and jumped out - by that time her former owner had sped away and she was weaving across the road bewildered. I jumped in front of an SUV and called to her - luckily she came to me - kinda lurking to me, crawling across the pavement. I snatched her up and put her in my car ... she was lucky. She was thin when I found her and had a large gash on her side.. it was evident she had previously worn a tight collar that had just been removed - her hair was matted down around her neck. At the time, I didn't want a dog - and especially could not afford her plus I was in a one room cabin with 2 dogs and a cat already.. but I just couldn't let her go. She was so much more lucky than the dog I was drawing tonight....