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Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am still spending my time with my Mom.. each day she gets weaker and I just don't think I can make work for the time I am here with her - I tried. I told her about the show I have coming up this fall and she was happy... I told her the name of it and how I wanted to use her image in some new paintings that I will be using with this project.. she liked that. My Mom has a little black pug named Maggie.. I bring her to hospice a lot... Maggie sits on the bed with Mom and just lays quietly there with her. Maggie's little tail fell this week when I brough her in and she was quieter and more still than she had been on previous visits. Maggie was rescued by my Mom who had wanted a pug forever - after Kai (our wolf dog) had died they adopted Maggie - they had found her through family who had contacted shelters and a local shelter in Des Moines (the Animal Lifeline) had directed them to a family who had Maggie, but could no longer keep her. Maggie was lucky.... she has been loved and has spent countless hours by my Mom's side.. Maggie will miss her human Mom very much.