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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I worked on this one last night.. I am redoing the photos.. removing the solid backgrounds that I had and working with the color and existing image.. you can see some of the cage fencing still in this image.. I am removing it, yet in some I will let it exist somewhat. In the ones where the dog or cat is standing up against the cage, when I remove the fencing, they seem sometimes like they are just standing up or awkwardly floating.
Maybe I mentioned that I was reworking all of the photos before? (maybe I should read my own blog- ha ha). I haven't been on the drawings as much lately. My intention at this point is to have a variety of media in the show - but they all carry related images with the subject matter.
I have stepped back into the cubicle life. I need some sort of steady income and my artwork is just not supporting me at all. So, I work all day and hit the art when I get home. I am tired. But, a lot of us have a day job.... I wish though it was something cool like dolphin training or professional macaroni taster.

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