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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So before I had been removing the animals from their cages and using a solid background. I have been working in softening up the backgrounds and altering the image some. It started when I was going back into some images and seeing animals with sores and I started to remove them.. then I kept going and I was seeing that the altering of the original image beyond just background removal was bringing something new to the photos..
In the one gallery (the real) I plan on having 52 images - but I am going to have some large drawings, some altered photos, some mixed media.. I do not want the viewer to be lost in a mass of sameness. I think to have everything the same medium, size. color, etc. is too much like the consistent loss of the animals.. after a short while, no matter how hard I tried, I did forget some due to the large numbers arriving on the shelter- I want very much for each animal not to become, once again, just one of many.. by altering the sizes and colors etc. of the work - it allows them to have their identity again.

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