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Monday, May 25, 2009


I finally got some plywood and am working on some mixed media pieces.... just taking a break while things dry.... I am using the photos I took and mixing them with some old photos ... I won't explain much more till I have some images to put on here.. funny how things work.. while readying images for the mixed media pieces I had an idea for an installation piece and am excited to get that going as well... although none of it will happen if I can't get the flippin saw to work - I received a miter saw as a gift, but it is stuck in the down position and locked.. it says to unlock it to use it, but I can't figure out how! ugh. 
I found homes for a couple of the digital prints so that makes me happy.. it was so interesting in that one of the buyers actually adopted a similar dog to the one in the image- and that dog came from TN... it was pretty cool hearing from someone who had adopted.. love to hear the stories and see pics. 
OK.. back to work.. I am cleaning the kitchen/bathroom/living room and doing laundry and making art all at the same time.. I just work things in between drying times.. very productive!
(the above image is one that I am using in the mixed media work I am doing now....)