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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am working on several mixed media pieces that are taking years to make because I am building up layers and layers... and there were some dead trees in the yard that my Mom and I had planted - well, they were taken down and the genius tree taker downer cut me several pieces that are being sanded and will be used in the work.. plus I just finished a drawing that I need to go back and smudge a bit.. but anyway, I am working!!!  (  I also sold a few things on Zazzle which is cool.. but I can't remember my password to get in so I can get the teensy money I made and send some to the shelter... but when I do I will be so excited to have helped in a tiny bit) ok... off to work........and soon I should get more pics on here.. my camera is somewhere and the computer is still not working right.. but I will get some more images on here no matter what!