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Sunday, July 12, 2009

well carp!

Sooo my life has really been a battle while I have been working on this.. I haven't updated this for some time because of that. Since last updating, I have lost my Grandfather and I had found out that I have cancer. Making art about life and death is hard, but dealing with it on a regular basis is even harder. I am going to get through the stupid cancer and I have surgery in about 2 weeks. I also have my first show with this work in a month and a half? so I will be hanging the show while I am going through the cancer treatments. 
So I have something else to focus on other than the breast cancer that is trying to take me down- I can focus on this show- it is good to have a goal that does not involve medical anything at the moment. I will try and update more....
( I currently have put my etsy shops on vacation mode- but if you are interested in a print please let me know. )