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Friday, August 14, 2009


Man, things have been so much harder than I thought.. I was sure when I had surgery for my breast cancer that I would be up and about right after - wrong! Instead I have been knocked on my butt more than I have ever been- and I haven't even started chemo. But the show must go on! In the midst of my recovery I was able to get the frames.. I have been out twice for non medical related reasons and both times I got things I need for this work. I have been too out of it to do much work so I am altering the show some.. more framed photos and digital than I had thought... not a huge deal... I am currently trying to reduce my pain meds so I can get back to work on this full force because the clock is ticking.. I hope to have everything framed this weekend so I can spend the final days before hanging trying to finish up whatever else I can. Wish me luck!

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