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Thursday, January 27, 2011

images and the internet.

wow, the last image I posted on here really got to me. I went home after taking it and there it was just popping up in my every thought.

When I do go to the shelter, it is always heartbreaking to me. I am essentially just documenting what I see- the various dogs and cats behind bars. I take my pictures and go home and generally set them aside for a few days. Generally, I do not work on a piece immediately because the whole experience of going to the shelter is very upsetting to me. I never know if the dogs and cats I see and talk to and photograph will live or die. When I do work on them I destroy much of what I do because I often make a piece or work on a photo and think it is not good enough. There is a large burden that I feel on my shoulders every time I approach this work, because I may be showing the world the last glimpse of an innocent dog or cat. I find the work depressing, but I do it anyway because I feel that I need to.

Today I did something different. Today I was so bothered by a single image that I had taken that I decided to post it on my Facebook page and a couple of rescue sites. I did not think there would be much of a response- but I was wrong.

It seems that the image did move people as it did me... and it seems that the dog may be safe. I am holding my breath until I know for sure. She currently has two holds on her and needs to be spayed before being sent to safety. I will be so relieved to know she is in safe hands...

Check out the link below for one page of comments following my post on a rescue site. It is very heartwarming to see such a response!

But there are so many more.. so many... I posted some more pics from that same trip above.... these are raw unaltered photos-- some may end up in my work and some may not...

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Renee Polgar said...

Thank you for doing what you do. While I cannot even imagine trying to handle photographing these beautiful, sad creatures, I am so very thankful for your photo and that you have chosen to share it. Photography is a great and powerful medium and when used for the greater good can be one of the best tools for evoking emotions we might not have experienced otherwise. Your haunting image of the sweet dog longing for her puppies struck me in a way I wasn't prepared for emotionally, as it did for many others as well. And it was that raw emotion, that deep aching and compassion that hopefully has resulted in something truly miraculous..a chance at life for an animal that has suffered more than any living creature should ever have to.