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Saturday, January 15, 2011


So it has been a long time since I have updated this poor blog! A long long long time!

I am still working on the project, but I have moved to Florida and I have my eyes set upon the Miami-Dade Animal Services. It is not my local shelter, but a two hour plus drive away from here. On my first trip I went with the intention of finding a large scary looking guard dog. I have many dogs, but none had that guard look about them. I had read that in the last year the shelter had euthanized around 20,000 dogs and cats. I had to check out this place for myself.

The shelter is a busy one - very busy. I spent an hour or so looking at the big dogs, but all of the ones that I was interested in had holds on them. I then decided to look at puppies. I had not had a puppy in 13? years or so and I wasn't sure I wanted to do the house training - but then I set my eyes upon her. Sylvia Miami Tiger Dog of the Atlantic came to live with me and I began my work on the project again.
(My tiny 11 pound Sylvia was so sick when I brought her home. She was as tiny as my Chihuahua Sir Nigel Longbottom Ferocious Chihuahua of the East and is now about 50 pounds.)

(Sylvia Miami Tiger Dog of the Atlantic at her graduation from beginning obedience class- she really is not as thug as she looks - it is the camera angel... not very slimming)

All shelters have identification on the cages (or should have) for the dogs and cats inside. On the highly busy ones there is often times just a number given. Sometimes they arrive with a name and sometimes a worker or volunteer takes the time to give them one. I have been thinking a lot about the numbers assigned to them. When I brought Sylvia home- she wore a plastic collar with her identifying number. I kept it on her for awhile... I am not sure why.

I have been thinking also about the idea of the freedom of the dogs/cats and how they find freedom in this world though adoption and freedom through the next world through the euthanasia. I was thinking about the idea of escape and I thought about creating work using their images in "The great escape" and to create worlds in which they can be escaping ... the image below is the first completed piece in this series. I am using both drawing and painting in this work... each one is titled with the number assigned the animal.. and this is included on the image.

I hope to update this blog more regularly...honestly, I go long stretches without touching this work- it really upsets me to work on it sometimes because I remember what it was like in that euthanasia room in TN... horrible... this work depresses me. But I think of Sylvia and I start to wonder if her siblings ever found homes.. and I realize that if I don't continue the work it will all be for nothing.. PLUS I have an event coming up.. in W Palm Beach in March... more details so come later....
This DOG- ID#A1317518

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