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Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Saved - Hundreds, Thousands, Millions More

The most amazing thing - the image I posted with the dog in the corner- it saved her. Just this morning I saw a picture of her during her car ride home. It is truly wonderful to be a part of saving one of the many dogs I saw when I went to the shelter. So many people stepped up and tagged the photo and passed it on and because of that she is safe.

But I can't help but wonder about the rest of them. So many other dogs and cats sit in the shelter waiting for someone to save them also. The cat above is just one of them... and the pictures that I take are only of the ones I see. I have only seen the ones out in the adoption area... from what I understand there is a whole other area full of ones who will never get a chance.. such as the pit bulls who, no matter how wonderful and trained and socialized a dog they may be- will never even get a chance to see the adoption floor because they are deemed illegal. Another group that I have not seen in the adoption area are the mothers with litters... what happens to them?

So I celebrate one small victory, but mostly I use it as fuel to move on. I use it as an example of what can happen... and I hope to god that I am able to take more pictures that can move people the way that image did.

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