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Saturday, February 19, 2011


I want to be able to get back to the Miami shelter soon... I have hopes that I can once again get a good enough shot of a dog or cat and use it to help them... but I have been sick. I am waiting until the cold that doesn't seem to ever want to go away will go away... going to the shelter is hard enough so I would rather be clear headed when I go.

In the meantime, I have been following the dog from the picture that I had posted online. Her name is now Sunshine and she had been adopted. Shortly after her adoption, she was dropped off at another persons home due to the initial adopter not being able to care for her. She became sick and the new adopter had to take her to the emergency room. It seems that initially she was diagnosed with pneumonia and given medications. The costs quickly added up and her new people reached out to the community on Facebook to raise funds for her care. Many people responded and she eventually was taken to another vet and put on an IV. Her new people were overwhelmed and realized that they were in over their heads. Again they reached out to the community and another foster home was just found.

Her new foster is better able to handle her IV medications and appears to be someone who has worked with many sick dogs so it seems she is in a better situation. I am keeping my eye on her. I receive messages on a daily basis asking how she is doing.. and she is sick- but safe for the moment. I do know that she will need a forever home and once I have more information about how best to contact about adopting her or helping her in any way I will post a link....

Monday, February 7, 2011

dog beach- dog park

So I am a dog park addict. I decided when I adopted Sylvia that I would do everything right with her (basically everything I failed at with my two oldest dogs). One major thing is socialization. I began taking her to the park once a week... then it became twice... and last week we discovered the mother of all greatness- the dog beach... I am trying to figure out a way that I can make a living going to the dog park/beach everyday.

One of the cool things at the dog park is that so many of the dogs there are adopted. I love to talk to people about their stories.. some people just found their dog, some went to a shelter or found theirs on petfinder. It is pretty cool. I would love to collect stories about the saved ones- dogs and cats.

I am hoping that eventually I can collect stories and images from dogs/cats saved from the shelters that I take pictures at. I would love to make a book about it... I also had the best idea for an installation piece yesterday... I have a lot of work to do.. then I need to find a space...

the pic above is Sylvia at the magical dog beach.. oh man - she hates baths and won't go near the pool- but once she got her feet in the water at the beach she would hardly come out. It is hard to remember her as a tiny too skinny puppy sitting behind bars when I see her out playing. I hope she has no memory of that place... she runs in her sleep... I hope her dreams are all about the park.