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Monday, February 7, 2011

dog beach- dog park

So I am a dog park addict. I decided when I adopted Sylvia that I would do everything right with her (basically everything I failed at with my two oldest dogs). One major thing is socialization. I began taking her to the park once a week... then it became twice... and last week we discovered the mother of all greatness- the dog beach... I am trying to figure out a way that I can make a living going to the dog park/beach everyday.

One of the cool things at the dog park is that so many of the dogs there are adopted. I love to talk to people about their stories.. some people just found their dog, some went to a shelter or found theirs on petfinder. It is pretty cool. I would love to collect stories about the saved ones- dogs and cats.

I am hoping that eventually I can collect stories and images from dogs/cats saved from the shelters that I take pictures at. I would love to make a book about it... I also had the best idea for an installation piece yesterday... I have a lot of work to do.. then I need to find a space...

the pic above is Sylvia at the magical dog beach.. oh man - she hates baths and won't go near the pool- but once she got her feet in the water at the beach she would hardly come out. It is hard to remember her as a tiny too skinny puppy sitting behind bars when I see her out playing. I hope she has no memory of that place... she runs in her sleep... I hope her dreams are all about the park.

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