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Sunday, March 27, 2011

kitten funerals and art

The above image is a digital piece I created using a photo from a dog in the TN shelter that I had begun the project in. In fact, this dog was one of the first two that I had planned on using for the first portrait in the beginning. She was a beautiful pit or pit mix and so very friendly- she had puppies - I do not know what happened to them.. she was just skin and bones- I could feel every rib on her when I ran my hand over her scar covered body. It really struck me that no matter how horrible her condition she was happy. I remember how she didn't want me to leave her. I remember how she wiggled all over as she was petted and she constantly looked like she was smiling. She is one of the dogs that really makes me feel guilty when I work - guilty if I don't do the best that I can.

I took my work to the pet expo this weekend and I can't say that it was a striking success... people were very complimentary on my work- but some people wouldn't look at it simply because it involved shelter animals.. that really broke my heart. Some people didn't want to look at the work since it was of dogs/cats from the Miami Dade Animal Services and they - as if my subject matters had a choice of the shelter they ended up in... that broke my heart also. But most people were very interested and I hope that they check back in on the project and tell their friends.

While I was at the expo I got word that one of the foster kittens had passed away. When I got home I found another had passed as well. It is so unfair that those poor babies were born into the sickness that their mother picked up in the shelter. It is so unfair that their mother who was healthy became infected with a terrible URI in a place that is supposed to be a shelter. I don't know that I will ever make a piece of art about the kittens.. I am tired... and I am not sure if a drawing or painting or photo will ever make a difference.

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