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Friday, March 25, 2011

The race is on for rescues to get as many dogs and puppies from the Miami shelter out before the big sterilization begins. I do not know how many have been saved and I do not know how many saved will end up becoming ill.. and of those who become ill how many will have distemper and how many a curable URI?

I am so torn on the issue. Today I thought my little foster cat family was out of the woods- Mom is clear and eating well and her coat is again shiny- but just this morning the babies are becoming sick. One is very ill and I am worried that we may lose this one... the vet has Mom on more meds and all I can do is make sure she gets them and hopefully enough is passed through her milk to save her babies. It is so heartbreaking to see the tiny little ones suffer. I knew taking them in that there was a possibility of sickness-- and due to my lack of cats I felt that I would make a good foster because of the inability for the illness to spread... but this is what bothers me...
All of the dogs and puppies who are being released from the Miami shelter have a 50/50 chance of being infected. I know the rescue groups are familiar with the quarantines and the treatments if needed- but I worry about the others. I worry that in a sensational move the shelter may be inflicting disease into the public. I worry about the families who bring home a puppy may be also bringing home a disease that spreads to their other animals and they may not be prepared for it. I worry about the people who adopt who a week from now take their seemingly healthy dog to the dog park and a few days later find it is sick-- but not before it spread the illness.

I hope to god that the staff at the shelter is educating each and every good hearted person who adopts what they may be getting in to. I think a better way for this whole situation would have been to allow experienced rescues in to take whatever they could- close down adoptions for a length of time and quarantine the remaining - treating if possible if they became sick.. once it was over the dogs who never got sick could safely be adopted out the public... but what do I know-- I am just an artist.

(the above picture is not of current dogs in the shelter - it was taken about a month ago.. but it is very representative of what is currently in the shelter)

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