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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things that Amaze Me

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Unknown name/ID (sorry) I was told is a senior
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I woke up a couple of days ago and was missing my cat - Stub the Wonder Kat. I lost him this last winter after having him in my life for 18 years. He was pretty much the coolest cat that ever graced this planet. He had a little nub for a tail that he wiggled when he was excited. I had gotten him as a tiny kitten when I lived in Central Florida and he died an old cat after I moved to South Florida. I really loved that cat and it was especially hard since only a few months earlier I had lost my 20 year old cat Escher - they both died with large tumors invading their bodies... I found that especially cruel since I had just beat cancer prior to their deaths.

So I woke up missing Stub. Not sure why since months had passed since he died, but for some reason I just really missed him. Since his death I have looked at countless numbers of cats up for adoption, but I always walked away feeling depressed. I had just resigned myself to being the crazy dog lady with no cats.

Later that same day I logged on to Facebook and was reading through the mountains of posts asking for help for dogs and cats at one shelter or another. It is always to heartbreaking to read the posts knowing that the person posting may be the only one advocating for each animal's freedom... and then there are follow up posts and begging and sometimes one has been adopted or fostered... but then there are the follow up posts that say R.I.P. and those always suck the most because no matter how hard someone tried it didn't matter. I have been drawing some of the ones I see in the R.I.P. folders... that is why I started this project to say something about the ones who mattered so little in our society that they died... but damn that is depressing. However, the time and energy that people put into it amazes me.

Something in amongst the mass quantity of pleas and images of dogs and cats caught my eye - pleas for help with pregnant cats.

Fostering is something I have never officially done- and it seemed a good idea... that way I could help a cat. So I let a rescue group that posts regularly on Facebook know I was interested... and the next day I was off to get my foster.

The drive to Miami is across a stretch of highway called Alligator Alley. It goes across the state and across the Everglades. It takes about 2 hours to get there and is flanked by two canals that are home to many alligators. I like the drive - it is beautiful ... never ending expanse of sawgrass and tons of heron, egret, and other large birds are always seen whenever I go. The drive across this beautiful state amazes me every time I go.... So I drove through the wilds of Florida into the large city of Miami - a haven for bad drivers and strangely designed roads.

I met with a woman from the rescue group who was waiting for my foster to be released. The wait times at the shelter are astronomical so I took my Iphone to the back to get some pictures. The first thing I noticed was something that I never have encountered much of before- volunteers walking dogs! I was so surprised - there were many and they seemed happy- no one ever has seemed happy when I had gone before. Maybe I just went on the wrong days- maybe I had only picked days of great grumpiness before. I dunno.

I took several pictures and as I wandered around I talked to other people looking at the huge number of dogs and cats up for adoption. In the cat room I came across a man and his daughter. I asked if they were adopting. He said no- he was waiting to pick up his pet who was just fixed- he said he was back there with his daughter- to show her what happens when people are not responsible. I told him he was a great father (I probably freaked him out a little since i got really excited) ... but really that is a great lesson... it was amazing to see a father taking the time to teach such an important lesson... I should have told him about how many times as a teacher I had kids tell me that their pets just had another litter that they had to get rid of.. I wish their parents had taught them about responsibility as well... it always amazed me and saddened me how many times I heard those stories.

Finally the unwed pregnant cat that I had come for was ready. She looks a bit like Stub the Wonder Kat did... I think it is a sign. (Except of course she has a giant belly full of kittens) She was so happy and seemed to know she was going someplace better. On the way home she hardly cried and every time I heard a squeak I was just sure she had produced a kitten-- but no kittens yet. (I had decided if they did show up on the way home I would have to name them Dodge, Ram, and Truck in honor of their birthing vehicle).

So we made it home without shooting out any kittens. She acts like she has always been here... I am keeping her in the guest room for now- I want her to get more settled before I introduce her to the hounds. Already she wants out though and has banged on the door. I hope she gets settled before my Dad arrives- won't he be surprised when he finds out he has to share the guest room with a very round and very happy cat.

All of the above images are dogs/cats that I saw in the Miami- Dade Animal Services- if interested in any of them PLEASE contact the shelter- lat year over 20,000 died in that shelter...if you know anyone in the Miami area who may be interested in adopting a pet - please share this with them! The images I have posted are but a small number of the homeless pets waiting for someone to save them.

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