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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The perfect shelter

People argue online a lot about how a shelter should be run. Being involved in rescue work is a very emotional and draining yet incredibly fulfilling experience, but often times when involved it is hard to keep the emotion from the fact.. and I wonder how much of that leads to the failure in our country to keep from letting so many die in our shelters. I have volunteered in both "kill" and "no kill" shelters and it is most certainly easier to walk in to volunteer at the no kill than the other.... as a volunteer you have the luxury of getting attached... if you volunteer at the kill shelter and get attached you will most certainly have you heart broken- mine has been several times.

I wanted to post a picture of the dog above who had a person waiting for him in the lobby when I adopted Beula. I was going through my photos and it can be so depressing- but then this guy popped up and I had met the woman who was there to get him. He was a lucky guy and just happened to be Beula's neighbor when she was in dog jail.

When people buy my work, they often ask about the dog or cat in the image- did they make it out? they often ask.. and most of the times I do not know.. but sometimes I do and sometimes it is good and they were free- but more often than not they never found freedom... so I just wanted to post a picture of a dog- who I knew- had someone waiting for him on the outside.

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