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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The wonder twins are so in love with each other.. I was just thinking how happy I am that someone took the time to post Sylvia's sister on facebook... the two just want to be together every minute of the day. Because Beula is still calming down and a bit nutty- she takes a nap in her crate in the afternoon so I can get some work done without dog wrestling all around me... and when her sister is napping- Sylvia stares at me a lot and sighs.

Check out the white spots on the back of their necks.. they match!

I don't know when I will get to Miami again... it will probably be a long time. I have been job hunting for forever (It would be nice if the art paid the bills, but that is not the case at all).... so until I can afford the gas I really can't get over there. I wonder if I called them with their other siblings number- if they would tell me if she was adopted and hopefully not returned... but I haven't tried.. I guess I worry that they will tell me that she never made it out... or they won't tell me anything...

I want to make a picture book about the sisters.. whenever they do anything awesome though the camera is in the other room.. must just keep it with me all the time if I want to catch their greatness... I wonder if I should get any pictures of their destruction- Sylvia has an intense desire to eat photo paper- it seems like she wants to get things out.. I think she likes ripping up the boxes and getting things out.. so I have been working on giving them things to do.. they really love empty juice containers filled with dog food... they are smart dogs... they need things to do that challenge them mentally and it has me thinking of toys I could make for them... and it got me thinking of how great it could be if all the shelter dogs had toys that could challenge them- I can't imagine how terrible it must be to sit in a cage.. with nothing to do... at all. No wonder Beula was so unhappy when I found her... she was a genius dog stuck in a cage where no one could see her genius abilities.

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