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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wonder Twins

Last Fall I traveled to the Miami Dade Animal Services in Miami, FL to take pictures of the dogs and cats- I fell in love with this little girl. She came to live with me and I named her Sylvia. She was at the shelter with two other siblings who had adoption holds on them.
Sylvia was a tiny baby with a giant head when I brought her home. She grew to over 60 pounds of greatness. I was so in love with her. She had a great personality so I enrolled her in basic obedience and she did fantastic. My goal was to get her Canine Good Citizen so she could visit people in the hospital and hospice. She has since been having some internal plumbing problems and I haven't been pursuing our therapy dog dream at the moment- so she had spent the days lounging and destroying paper towel rolls in the living room. Although she has a taste for paper towel and has to be medicated I still think she is pure awesome.

One day I started to wonder about her sisters- I wondered if they had good homes too. Did they also love paper towel rolls? Did they have the same medical issue as Sylvia? Where they well taken care of? Did they have big comfy beds to lounge on? But of course, in a huge city like Miami I felt I would always just wonder since how would I ever find their families?

At the Miami Dade Animal Services over 30,000 animals are dumped there on a yearly basis. It is horrible the numbers that they have to deal with. Last year over 20,000 animals lost their lives there. Before you get angry at the staff for killing them all- just ask yourself- who dumped them there? Aren't they the responsible ones? ... but anyway, as you can see it is not a good situation to be dumped in Miami..

.... so when someone posted a blurry photo of a dog at that very shelter that looked like Sylvia on Facebook it really caught my eye. I went and grabbed her adoption papers and saw that the intake number on that dog was only 2 from Sylvia's I thought can it be? Could this be her sister?

... I drove 2 hours to Miami to find out.

... there she was.
Sylvia's sister had been saved nearly a year before and had a home.... but they dumped her... they gave up on her... they brought her back. She lay in her cage and looked very nervous.. she was scared and she barked... but I knew it was her. I knew that if she was even a tiny amount like Sylvia that she also would be pure awesome if she could get out from behind the bars.
.. I found out very quickly that she was super friendly. She quickly became best buddies with a pitbull that was being saved and sent to a rescue just North of me. Since they got along so well, I offered to drive her new friend to safety. They were very active so it was hard to get a non blurry picture.. but it was nice to see the two girls that people had given up on having such a good time in the car. It was nice to know that they were safe.
When they first met it was already dark.. and I had my hands full so I didn't get any pictures. I can assure you that they remembered each other. I had never seen Sylvia so excited. She jumped around and kissed her sister over and over again. She ran around the yard full speed and showed her how she played chase with the other dogs and then began to dig furiously in her favorite hole to show her sister how fun it was. Since her sister has been home they either spend their time playing like young puppies or sleeping together.
Sylvia's sister is now named Beula Jenkins. (hey it's the one name she always wagged her tail too) One of Sylvia's favorite activities is to go to the park and she was able to take her Beula for the first time recently... Beula acted more like a puppy than Sylvia.. she has not had her basic obedience so she kind of barreled over the other dogs.. but she made some good friends. Sylvia showed her how she likes to dig holes with her good friend Rosie (also a rescue).
So far the wonder twins can't get enough of each other.. they both share an affinity for eating paper towels and throwing pieces of them around the living room. They both love to play with empty soda bottles and they both sigh when I ask them to do something they don't want to do. When they want something they can't have they both make a strange Chewbacca sound. So far Beula does not share the plumbing problem that Sylvia has ...and I think once she calms down a bit, I will start working on her canine good citizen. She, like her sister Sylvia, is pure awesome (but a bit more destructive and a lot more energetic).

So what are the odds? I was told by an employee that day at the shelter that at the time they had over 500 animals there. What are the odds that in a shelter that takes in over 30,000 per year and had over 500 on that particular day that I would see the one? I was feeling lucky and bought a couple of lottery tickets since then- but I don't know if I will ever beat the odds again.. although I really could use a lottery win right about now... because it appears that I will need to be buying a lot of paper towels. A LOT of paper towels.

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