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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everyday I look at Facebook and I see funny posts about cats and babies, political videos about angry politicians, and images of current work by my artist friends... and then I see the animals. Every single day there is a large group of people who post images of dogs, cats, horses etc. needing homes. I look at them every day and it always makes me so sad- as one person what can I even do? The numbers are just overwhelming and it never stops- never is there a day when a person posts- "no new dogs today, the shelter is empty- they have all been adopted"... this never happens. So everyday I look... and for a couple of days I kept seeing this dog....

Her name is lullaby and she is at the Miami shelter.. in comments it talks about how friendly she is.. it talks about how she was found as a stray with her baby.. and her family showed up.. except... they only took the baby. So there she sits.. in the shelter.. and among hundreds and thousands of pets needing homes she is one of the lucky ones who gets her picture posted.. she is one of the lucky ones who people have embraced online and are taking time out of their days to say something about her.. and share her image and story.. to try and help her. 

So I was looking at her picture and I was thinking about how bad the shelter pictures always are. I hate that I live so far .. I hate that I can't afford the gas right now.. because I would drive over there and take a decent picture of her.. but I just can't right now. So I was thinking about the image I had created in my last post ...and of the digital work that I do.. and I thought.. well.. maybe I can at least do something about that bad photo of the poor dog... so I created this based upon her official image that is online.. it is not my best- but it was like 11 a.m. and the shelter closes at 6:30 and it has been stated that today is her last day... so I quickly created something .. and posted it.. and will see if it helps. I am going to check back later to see if someone steps up for this poor dog. I hope so... and I when I know what her fate is.. I will post it below.. until then.. I just hope the right person see her.. and she lives... because everyday I look at Facebook and I see the posts and sometimes.. sometimes.. there is one.. with a dog or cat who had been posted ... and the word below them are change ... they sometimes say "safe"... and I am hoping that is the next post I see on her.

--- According to posts I have seen on Facebook it looks like a rescue has stepped forward to help her... I am hoping that I can see some pictures of her free.. I can't wait until she is safe. It sounds like the staff at the shelter was very attached to her. 

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