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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I went to the shelter yesterday... as usual, too many dogs... I did not have time to even get to the cats. It can be very overwhelming. I made the video last night.. after I got home.. please pass it on and share it... I think it is so important for people to see their faces.

I have loaded many of the new digital works onto my site. Please check them out at under the new shelter work. They are all available in sizes 4x6 5x7 and 8x10. Please contact me if you are interested. Those works are showing at Savvy in Ft. Myers and 20% of the sales go to the dogs on the move program at MDAS.

You can see more about the program here

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ft Myers, FL

Digital work from cat that was at MDAS (adopted)

It was a small opening.. but wow the people who came were awesome! The fantastic people at the shop and those who have other work there made some wonderful treats.. I felt very spoiled! Some people came a long way to see the show as well, and that meant so much to me!
A fire hydrant was the donation box so people could give directly to the transport program at MDAS. Also 20% of the sale of the art goes to them as well. 

I needed this show. The last show I had was right after my cancer surgery and right before my chemo started. When I heard that a new place was opening I jumped at the chance to work with them to get my work in there. Usually, when there is a show, I have months to prepare. This time, I had a month. I actually had enough work to fill the entire space- more than enough work. However, I had been putting the dogs on Facebook and been following their stories recently.. so I decided to make work about them... so in less than a month, I made enough art for an entire show... I am pretty tired.
One of the other artists checking out the new digital pieces at the opening.

I concentrated on working on my photos- the same ones I had put online to try and help the dogs and cats... but, I also created new digital work and several mixed media paintings. The thing is.. I want to have a variety of work because different things catch the eye of the viewer. The subject matter can be so sad that I want to address those dogs/cats I have met who have gone- but, I also want to celebrate the ones who are in homes and rescues. I want to show how beautiful the shelter pets are ... both behind the cage bars and outside of them. 
Most of the pieces are new mixed media paintings. The large drawing is from a dog that I met at the Newport, TN shelter. In the mixed media paintings I am actually incorporating the photos of the animals.. but altering them to fit the work. I am finding it is important to me to use the photos since they are a physical record of the dog or cat.. and in some cases- they may be the final one to exist. The dark square painting next to the hound that has the light line on it.. it has fur. I am using the fur of my own dogs in some pieces.. my own dogs are also rescue dogs. (of course!)

In the digital works I work from the photos I take. I am not adding to their environment- instead I am altering it. What you see is a dog or cat inside of a cage, but the bars have been altered- the steel has been reduced.. the cement has been adjusted. I have not physically removed them from their space- only visually .. mentally.. what happens is that the beauty and personality of the dogs and cats can be seen.. sometimes the joy - the desperation.. they each speak differently in the work- just as they do in real life. 

Please, if you find yourself in Ft. Myers this month- please stop in and check out my show.. remember 20% goes to a cause that is helping save lives at the Miami Dade Animal Services.. and you can always leave a little in the hydrant. Savvy is at 9405 Cypress Lake Dr in Ft. Myers, FL (located right behind La Te Da Salon and Spa- so you can get a spa treatment after you look at the art!) The work is up for the month of February! 

I continue to make more work.. I am working to get more shows.. 
Husky I met at MDAS. (please note all copyright info is not on finished works)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have been wanting to blog about how it was to put a show together in a month with mostly new work.. but, I have been to busy doing that work.. and putting it all together.. the work will be up through February..