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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Double Dachshunds!

     I  posted before about people who have stolen my images and used them to advertise their business, groups, or used them in fundraisers without my permission. The best way to prevent that is to put a watermark on the image - or just write on it your copyright or logo. Those things will never totally prevent those who steal images, but it will make them harder to use the image. Yesterday, I came across a perfect example of how people use other's images on social media to try to gain money or support. In rescue, one has to be especially careful when posting images, because there are people who look for those sad and emotional images to rip them off for their own benefit. I am sure no one ever posts a picture of a dog in a shelter or in need thinking that someone in another state or country will take that image ..  and act as if it is their own or they are somehow associated with that image.

     Over the last week, I have seen a picture circulating on Facebook of a dog eating a loaf of bread. The image appears to be showing stray dogs with only bread to eat. I understand the image was taken in another country- Turkey ... so I was a bit surprised to see that image being used on the page of a Florida rescue called Death Row Dog Rescue .. and even more surprised to see that rescue talking about how they needed money to help save abandoned dogs in Homestead. The dog in the picture was not even in Florida. I doubt the dog hopped on a plane and flew into Homestead so that it could be saved by a rescue. If the rescue was truly helping abandoned dogs in Homestead - why did they need to post a picture of a dog in another country? Really... it makes no sense. However, people donated while those who spoke up on the thread questioning her use of the photo were just deleted. 

Screen shot of the rescue's story about the dogs in Homestead - asking for funds and the image that was posted with her request for money. 

Screen shot of the original picture.. I have no idea what it says.. but, I doubt it has anything to do with dogs in Homestead... 

      It was not surprising to see yet another picture on that same page of a dog that was not even in Florida, but that she was claiming to have saved from the Miami shelter. I knew immediately that it was not a picture taken in the Miami Dade Animal Services - where she stated that she saved the nearly dead dog. I questioned on the thread why the cage and the collar were not those the shelter uses... and then I did what we all should do when we see an image that we think may not really be what someone claims it to be... I put the image through Google image search and I was able to quickly find that the real dog had been in a shelter in Georgia and he had been adopted. The dog was never in the Miami shelter. Again, people donated based upon a story that went with a picture that was not even of a dog that the rescue took into their care. And, like before, any of my comments or other's comments pertaining to the fact that the dog was not ever even in Florida where removed. Crazy- right? If a dog is in the care of the rescue- why post a picture of the dog in Georgia? If the rescue needs a camera that badly, perhaps they should stop stealing photos to use for chip ins and instead post a chip in to get a camera. 

Screen shot of the photo as it appeared on the page of Death Row Dog Rescue. 

As you can see - there is a rather lengthy story told about this particular dog. 

Here the screen shot shows a link to a chip in so that people can donate to the care of this poor dog. If she did happen to get a dog from the Miami shelter, why would she seek out a picture of a dog in Georgia? And why not take her own picture? After all... the dog is in her care- right? 

Screen shot showing where I pointed out where the real dog really was- I was booted off her thread shortly after and am now unable to comment. 

The screen shot showing the original photo and the correct shelter the dog was in... aaaannnnddd it was not Florida. *****PLEASE NOTE- the person whose name is on this post is not in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM part of the misuse of the photo.. she is simply a person who was posting the REAL picture trying to help the dog in the REAL shelter in GA... and, I am sure, never thought this picture would be used to gain money dishonestly. 

     The sad thing is that this type of thing happens all too often. Dog rescue is so open to abuse it is just sickening. This is not the first time someone has posted a picture of a dog and claimed to have saved it - yet, never had the dog in the picture. It is certainly not the first time a person has used a chip in to create an online fundraiser based upon a stolen image. When I last looked, the chip in from the rescue who was using other people's photos of dogs in other states and countries... had about $800 raised. Overall, the rescue business is very unregulated and because of that - it is a prime place for those who want to find a way to raise money dishonestly. The rescue in question, based upon an email from the shelter (a public record), shows that Death Row Dog Rescue is not even an approved rescue to pull dogs from their shelter. People who are on social media do not know this- they see a sad photo and they respond. People just want to help- they don't realize what is really going on. 

Screen Shot of an email dated 2010 regarding the rescue - why are people giving a rescue money if they are not even approved to pull dogs locally? 

     So how do we combat this? First of all, when you see a known photo that is stolen and being misused, you need to contact the person who owns that photo. On Facebook, they take copyright very seriously and will remove stolen images. I have had to ask them to do it many times - and they are very quick about it-- but, the copyright holder will never know their photo is being used - unless they see it - or are told about it and given a link. Another good way to protect a photo that is posted from being misused is to watermark it or simply photoshop your name and website/shelter name/rescue name etc. on it. The people that steal photos do find ways to remove that information, but they will often times use the photos that they can easily post with no effort on their part. Of course, the owner of the work may be able to even bring a lawsuit against the person who stole it - copyright infringement. For instance, if someone was to take one of my images and use it for a chip in without my approval or their logo- I do have the right to go after them. 

     Bottom line is that sadly, people take things that are not theirs and they use them for their own benefit. Money could have been donated to the approved rescues who really are pulling dogs from the Miami shelter, but instead several hundred dollars was diverted from legit rescues to one using stolen images as a fundraising tool. We all have to be smarter about posting our images.. and we have to keep an eye out for those who are stealing them... because, when you are dealing with dog rescue.. you really are dealing with lives... now .. who wants to help start a chip in to get the bread eating dog to Homestead? 


Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic story. It goes to show how one fake rescue like Death Row Dog Rescue can harm so many people. It harms the people who donte because their desire to donate to a real rescue is not honored. Scammers also harm the dogs who are deprived of the money that went to the scammers instead of the real rescues. Plus, when people find out about a scam they are less likely to donate to anyone which deprives future dogs of money.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I have seen these images all over Facebook! The idea that someone could take credit for them when they are not the one responsible is SICK! Unbelievable...the depth that people will go to, to use innocent animals for their own personal gain! There is a special place in hell for these people!

Anonymous said...

Everyone we still have a problem. Death Row Dog Rescue refuses to remove the photo of the dog even though it has been proven that Diana Peters did not rescue the dog. She simply moved the photo. Goto her Death Row Dog Rescue page and you will see a folder called photos. Under photos there is a section called wall photos. The photo of the Georgia dog is there. She is still collected money. She is at around 800 dollars and the number continues to grow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great story - it sadly did not slow Diana Peters down. days later she posted a video by the bill foundation 15 rescues in 15 minutes, in California, and gave a link to her OWN donation link!
she got complaints, so it was removed from her Death Row Dog Rescue facebook page, but it still is on her personal page. This woman is truly taking advantage. Someone who donated through her plea for donations - her link,it took them to a chipin, they donated. they found out about her scamming of the Dachshund and Paypal will not refund it. FIRST it does not show up as a donation but a SALE ( asks for donations but processes as a sale?) and when reported, they simply came back with it was for a virtual item.
Well yes Diana's ficticious rescues are virtual for sure, BUT no it was a donation and the scammer won't refund it. HOW pathetic. to keep up to date and help shut her down, please join facebook page .

I saw your Blog story referenced on her in the Opposing View article on Animal Rights by Pat Dunaway!

Death Row Dog Rescue said...

If anyone would truly like to hear the truth about the Dashound photo--Here it is--.--I was sent this photo from Georgia as I receive dozens daily from others asking me to please post dogs that are in dire situations--this photo was sent to me along with many many others---I had also that very day went to Miami Dade to help the Pet Program where Michael had been put into a cage for 3 days--As I was there at the Pound in Miami there was a little red Dashound by the name of Hershey-ID #A1468301 and he was going to be euthanized from having Kennel cough--I pulled him and got him out of there--I have no camera for it was broken and no money yet to go purchase another camera-BUT then someone had sent me that day a photo from Floyd of almost the EXACT twin to Hershey and I had someone that wanted to see a photo of Hershey so I posted this photo that was the almost the perfect one to Hershey--I thought I would be able to answer questions on both Dashounds and send the other inquires from Georgia to Floyd pound (helping both dogs to get homes) The lady saw the photo and she is adopting him -I then deleted the photo of the Dashound off but the "Vultures" (Darcy Butkus and Sherri Manfredi and her Convicted Felon husband Joe Manfredi) had screenshot it immediately and then started to send the horrible comments around to everyone--I explained this on the Face Book many times and apologized deeply for this stupid thing I did--they just deleted all of my explanations and my apologies as to my mistake using this photo--Yes and they started to say I was asking for donations for a dog I did not have--Yes I had asked for a few dollars for Hershey-(he was very sick and needed expensive meds that I had no money from) --It was totally my mistake and if I had a camera I would never have used another dog's photo--I have never in the 4 years I have rescuing posted another dogs picture and state that I ACTUALLY have this dog here on my property—As far as the dog holding a piece of bread (this photo has been sent out to thousands and thousands of rescues and others—I said in the picture “The Homestead Florida dogs” I have been feeding the strays down there for years—and was asking for $5.00 to help buy food and also inviting everyone to join me to help to feed these dogs In Homestead Florida!! YES I DO POST HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS FOR OTHER RESCUES ALONG WITH DOZENS THAT WE NEED FOSTERS FOR OR THEY WILL DIE. If anyone really wants to know the truth just scroll all the way down to 2009 on my Death Row Dog Rescue page on Face Book--Just start counting-I have personally rescued over 2000 dogs and puppies –all have new loving homes-almost all of these plus hundreds more I had at my rescue and most were pulled from Miami Dade death row section—So if you all want to crucify me for a mistake on my part for trying to help numerous dogs from being killed—the choice is always yours. If any of you really want to look at the “big picture” just check out my site. Death Row Dog Rescue-Diana Peters or just call me-954-626-0708 or come see me in person---

Anonymous said...

Seriously DRDs nice story but thats what it is a story - I am having trouble placing 8 pups that I have had for 4 months and am facing impending eviction and I wont stoop low like you - do the dogs of America and the world a faovr and find something else to do with your life

Anonymous said...

To Diana Peters, the scam artist of which this article was written about! You song and dance around any question that is asked of you. You keep going around in circles with the same old excuses. Eveyone that is affiliated in dog rescue in South Florida knows of your reputation! A reputation that is in the toilet!!!! Not only have you stolen pictures from other rescues far from South florida, thinking that you will not be caught---guess again---you keep getting busted over and over again!!!! What a lame excuse to say you have no camera. How can you claim you feed the dogs down in Homestead? You live over an hour away? Oh, and the Turkey article with the dogs eating bread!!! Give credit where credit is do! Your intent was to deceive those followers of your page that live far, far away from Hollywood, florida, thinking you were the ones feeding the dogs the bread! Why not post the real article? Why do you a chipin when the dog named Toby does not even belong to you??? Why do you post a chip in for a dog named Fai that is over 5 hours away from your little teenie tiny duplex that you call a rescue! You have no affiliation with Hernando Animal Shelter, nor do they want anything to do with you! They know of your little antics. Diana Peters, why did you remove Kathy Cremer's (My Animals Rock) request to have you remove the chipin for a dog that you had no connection to??? Tell the readers why you block and delete so many people from stating the truth on your page? If you are an open book, answer the questions that are asked of your so called "rescue." RED FLAG, RED FLAG!!!!!! You are nothing but a scammer, con artist and a bottom feeder! Go crawl back under your rock!!!!! We will continue to seek justice for the dogs you are harming, by stealing money that reputable rescues are in need of!!! You are nothing but a sick, mentally unstable lowlife!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Diana I would say I am shocked that you are still lying to people but after reading your comments for years and reading real rescues' comments about you, nothing surprises me when it comes to you. Lets start at the beginning, you claim that you intended to explain online that the Georgia dog was not Herhshey but people supposedly deleted your comments. I work at a law firm around 70 hours a week so I am in front of a computer often. I consequenty have dozens of screenshots of your page and other pages. Dozens of people asked you why you had the Georgia dog on your page. Instead of answering their questions, you deleted their comments. You could have told them the truth after your received the first of around 2 dozen comments from people located in Georgia, Florida and many other states. You are the sole operator of your page so nobody prevented you from telling the truth and only you made the decision to delete their comments. So not only are you lying when you write that you post a explination of your page, you are also lying when you say people deleted what you posted. When people found out that the dog in the photo was not Hershey they asked for their money back but you deleted those requests so they contacted paypal. You then lied to paypal and said you sold them a virtual pet so paypal refused to refund their money. It wasn't until days later that you finally said the dog in the photo was not hershey. Moving on to the story about the dogs in Turkey. I have screenshots where you stated that you tried to catch the dogs in the photo but couldn't catch them. You also said you tried to feed the dogs in the photo but couldn't. When dozens of individuals said the photo didn't look like it was taken in Florida you did what you always do-you deleted their comments. Finally, after I took over 9 pages of screenshots of the dozens of people who were posting and then being deleted by you did you remove the photo. You also talk about having no money but your chipin raised over 800 dollars and you had posted that you had a sucessful garage sale. Don't try denying it because I have screenshots of those comments. Speaking of comments, why do you keep bringing up Darcy, Sherri and Joe. You reported them to the police and the police didn't believe your allegations against them. Even the people who you told the police could back up your allegations didn't support your stories. After striking out with the police you decided to file a lawsuit. Your witnesses chose not to show up to court but government employees testified on behalf of Sherri and Joe. In the end, you had no evidence to support anything you said so the judge ruled against you on all counts of your complaint. To put it in simple terms Sherri and Joe won and the judge found you to be the losing party. No matter what you want to say about Sheri, Joe and Darcy you can't change that at the end of the day the judge ruled in their favor and not yours, the police sided with them and not you, rescue groups from throughout the United States are posting about you being a fraud and based on your own actions the Miami Dade government and the Broward government have taken the time to state you are banned from pulling dogs on behalf of any rescues. I hope some day you will realize that people are not "crucifying" you as you claim for your alleged decision to help dogs. The government, rescuers and people you scammed are making sure that everyone knows about your lies. We all want people who desire to donate money to know that you lie so that they can donate money to a real rescue. Yes I know you think you are a real rescue but a real rescue wouldn't be banned from pulling dogs, a real rescue would not admit to spending money donated to pay dogs on personal expenses and a real rescue would not lie and delete questions about how the money will be spent.

Anonymous said...

Diana I saw the screenshots where you put a chipin under a video of the Bill Foundation and you put another chipin under a newspaper story about people who were not you. Individuals from both groups asked you on Facebook to remove those chipins because you didn't have the right to use stories about their work to raise money for your own expenses. You refused to comply with their requests, deleted their comments and left up the chipins. You talk about the big picture but what you should be doing is talking about why you deleted their requests, why you used their stories without their permission and why your actions show that you only care about yourself and think the rules and laws apply to everyone but you.

Anonymous said...

On Wednesday Nov 14th Chik Chat Blog Radio is doing a show 12pm -2 pm (EST time) titled Death Row Dog Rescue is a Scam. Please join us to learn more about Diana Peters and her scams!