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Monday, November 5, 2012

Madison the Princess Fairy Pit Bull

Once upon a time by the ocean in a magical palm treed land full of art deco and convertibles lived a pit bull by the name of Niky. Niky had a hard life from the start since she was born into the kingdom of Miami. In Miami, the people decided that they were scared of pit bulls and deemed them illegal. Poor Niky lived in fear since she was not legal to live in the city by the ocean. One day, while she was still recovering from her last litter of puppies, she found herself in a terrible situation. Niky was put behind bars in the dog jail where homeless, unwanted, and illegal dogs were sent after the people of the land of Miami did no longer want them. 
The door to dog jail that Niky was taken to. 

Dog jail was a very terrifying place – especially for Niky since she was illegal because of how she looked. Niky was put into a small cage where she cried and reached out to anyone who came near her.

The dog jail
 “Help me!” She cried out to anyone she saw “Please help me! I do not belong behind these bars! Being caged like this is so horrible and terrifying. Please let me out. I promise I will be good—please, just let me out!” Niky’s cries could be heard above all others in the room full of other dogs that also sat behind bars awaiting their fate. Not every dog made it safely out of dog jail and Niky knew that.
Niky in dog jail

Not too long after Niky found herself in prison behind cold stainless steal bars, the other inmates began to fall ill.  A horrible, deadly, and painful disease had made its way into the land.. it was brought into the prison by one of the poor dogs whose people had failed it and not given it a preventative shot.. but, many other dogs were failed as well.. and soon the deadly disease of distemper made its way through the building. One by one the dogs became sick, but not Niky. Niky felt strong and determined to live and dreamt that one day she would be free of her prison .. if only she could survive distemper she knew she could be free from living behind bars and in a home where she was loved and in a land where she would be legal.
Niky trying to show what a good girl she was by giving kisses
 Niky did not know it, but an artist had taken her photo one day and was very moved by the cries of Niky the illegal pit bull. The artist lived in a land where pit bulls were not illegal, because the people there knew not to be scared of them.. they knew better. But, the artist did not know what to do to help poor Niky. All she could do was to put her picture up on an enchanted online site called Facebook. She put her picture up and hoped that just the right person would see her and set Niky free from the prison that was sucking the poor pit bull’s soul dry. The artist was worried that the distemper had taken Niky, but she found out that Niky was a survivor and was very happy to know that.
Niky just asking "please save me?"

Niky looking at the artist

One day the artist went to the dog jail to visit the inmates when she saw something amazing… Niky was leaving the confines of her prison cell- she was free! The artist was so happy.. she thought Niky would have a wonderful life… but, she was wrong.
Niky saying hello to the artist's friend on her way out- and celebrating her leaving the dog jail.

Niky did not go into the arms of a waiting and loving family. Niky, instead, was put into a new cell.. behind new bars. She found herself in another kind of prison.. this one was called a boarding kennel. The fairy Godmother who was going to take Niky into her home and foster her until a real home came, was not able to do so. The artist did not know right away the fate of Niky, but when she did her heart broke. However, the artist knew that if she kept posting Niky’s picture on the enchanted site that one day just the right person would see her – and wisp her away from a life behind bars.

Many months went by as Niky waiting patiently behind bars. Each day she dreamt of the day she would be free to run and roll in the grass. She prayed for the day a person would come and save her from the confines of her prison. Each day she stayed behind the bars, she became more and more sad… each day she was there she found it harder and harder to stay positive.
Niky in dog jail #2 (I did not take this photo- not sure who did so am not sure who to give credit to) 

Even though they had only met briefly, the artist thought about Niky every day and she kept posting her picture each month with hopes that just the right person would see her and help. The artist would check in on her through the enchanted facebook messages and hoped each time that she would have been adopted. But, it never happened – each time she checked Niky was always still stuck in boarding. Just when the artist was getting very frustrated and angry, Niky’s new fairy Godmother saw her on the magical Facebook site and said four magic words that would forever change her life...

Niky hearing the most amazing words she had been waiting to hear "I will foster!" 
“I will foster her!” Exclaimed the new fairy Godmother. And so she worked to make all the right things happen and Niky was brought to her new fairy Godmother’s (and fairy Godfather’s) home. Niky arrived in her carriage to a land where pit bulls are not illegal. As soon as she crossed the border into the safe place, she could feel the breeze of the non BSL freedom flutter across her overly large ears. As she placed her eyes upon her new foster home for the first time, she could not believe what she saw. Grass! Niky loved grass so much and there was more grass than she had ever seen in her life. When she got out of her carriage, she jumped onto the grass and rolled and rolled. She was home.. and she knew it. She had been brought by carriage by the first fairy Godmother that had never been able to take her into her home- as she drove away, Niky waved goodbye to her and thanked her for all her help.
Niky enjoying her freedom on her new Fairy Godmother's grass. 

The New Fairy Godparents decided that Niky needed a new name to go with her new life. They renamed her Madison Star. Madison Star had new siblings to play with and a large yard to roll in. She learned how to walk on a leash and do fancy tricks like “sit” when asked. She learned all about how to use stairs and what a great thing long walks and car rides were. With good food and baths, Madison became a whole new dog! Madison Star became a fairy princess and had never been so happy in her life!

Her name is now Madison Star! 
Although Madison Star is now a fairy princess living in a castle in a land where she is free to roll in the grass and enjoy life- she is still missing one very important thing. Madison Star still needs a real home to call her own. She loves living with her foster parents and the adventures that they take her on.. but, she hopes that one day soon she will be seen by the family who will give her a home forever … treat her like the fairy princess she is… and make sure that she never ends up in dog jail again.. and has plenty of grass to roll in!
Now that Madison Star is free in a land with no BSL she likes to dress up as the fairy princess that she is. 

(This artist cannot wait to be able to end the story with .. ‘and she lived happily ever after in her new home’…. But, until that new home arrives.. her story will not end)
Artists rendition of Madison Star as a princess fairy giving the 'tongue' to BSL and dog jail. 

If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting Madison Star- please contact her foster at

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