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Thursday, April 25, 2013


In October of 2012, a large white and spotted Mastiff by the name of Barbados was put into the Miami shelter (MDAS) . He was a big dog- 113 pounds and a stray. Like so many dogs and cats found as strays, his owners never came for him and he was available for adoption. Barbados was pulled under a rescue - to the best of my knowledge, that rescue is called SOS4Paws... in the event that is not true, it would be one of the other approved rescues who are allowed to pull dogs out of the shelter. The approved rescue did not appear to be a part of the placing of this dog.  Only approved rescues may pull dogs out of MDAS and many shelters operate the same way. In the case of Barbados, he was taken in by some independent rescuers who have pulled many dogs out of MDAS using an approved rescue's status. The group included a woman named Sarah Leddick who has pulled many dogs- and who has helped find homes for dogs as well as a woman named Juliana Venturini Coimbra. If you read my blog much, you will probably already be familiar with the second name as she has done multiple chip ins on dogs- and some of the dogs who had been in trouble - ones I wrote about- had her do the chip ins on them.

When he was pulled this was the comment made:

Sarah Leddick We are saving Barbados today. He is not well even though he looks handsome in the pic. He is emaciated, suffering from URI, has tumor on one hip and a gash on the other. He needs to go to the vet ASAP!! Please prepare to donate to his chipin. He isn't going to be cheap!! Then he gets transported to Maine to Janet Scott, where he will fit in nicely!!! If you want to donate today before I can set up his chipin and get it approved by UDOM, you can call Ray Carman at Animal Kingdom where he will be convalescing @772 528-9082. Thanks ahead of time!!
October 23, 2012 at 2:44pm · Edited · Like

Their plan was to take him out of the shelter, place him into boarding and send him off to a person in Maine who had come on the Facebook thread saying that she wanted him. She - being in another state- had not met him and was relying on any and all info on the Facebook thread and those involved in pulling him from the shelter. The shelter does no formal testing of dogs to check their temperament. There had been people on the thread asking how he was with other dogs etc. Since the people involved have been banned from the Urgent Dogs of Miami page (UDOM), it is hard to know what their responses were in regards to the temperament of the dog. Had the rescue taken the time to test him with people, other dogs, and cats prior to pulling him to ship him out of state?

On October 23rd 2012, it was stated on the UDOM thread that he was rescued. Many people had been interested in seeing him safely saved and many had pledged money to help in the process. (since not all donations are made on the chip in page- it is not possible for me to say how much money was or was not given as there have been many different places that donors were told they could give money to.) He was pulled out of the shelter on the 23rd and sent to a boarding kennel in Port St. Lucie run by a man named Ray. Ray runs a boarding kennel (the same one that the dog Niky was in that I wrote about in a past blog). Right after he arrived, there was a terrible accident. The kennel owner was severely injured when - based upon the story told- he got between the dog and cat.
It was a horrible injury and I was very upset to see it. No one ever wants someone to be hurt- and no one ever wants a rescue dog to be involved with something like that. After the attack, Barbados was not sent up to Maine. He was placed into the Dog House boarding kennel. Things were quiet for a long time. It was not until the end of December that I saw a thread pop up regarding Barbados and what their plans were for him.

So it appeared that they had found a rescue willing to take on a dog who had a bite history. I wanted to know more. This picture above was taken at the Dog House. He looked to be very thin and had a sore on his muzzle. I wonder how much he weighed at this point?

These threads show what was being said at the time. I was highly concerned about the claims being made - as well as the fact that it stated the Dog House had not only worked with the rescue before...  but planned on sending multiple dogs to them.

I thought some of the claims being made about the rescue he was being sent to - were very over the top and so I- and others who noticed it all- began to ask questions. You can follow it all on the above links- but, here are a few highlights -

** Please note that any comments from Juliana are missing - since she had just suddenly seemed to have removed her Facebook account.

As you can clearly see, the receiving rescue came onto the thread and made a comment. They did not dispute any of the claims being made at the time. Now.. let me break down some of the claims being made about that rescue that the Florida people were sending Barbados  to ...  and who the Dog House had plans to send a few dogs to.

Claims made on Facebook regarding the Bowman's rescue -

1. They train dogs for the presidents.
    - Google it... I will bet you will not find anything on that- I know I did not.

2. They are run by a group of veterinarians.
    - When I checked with the state licensing board- I found nothing.

3. They are a very reputable rescue in VA.
    - They are not in VA- they are in WV. And I - and many others who were researching the claims-     found no one who had heard of them. In fact, I contacted their local Humane Society and they had not heard of them - they did send someone out to check it out. In my opinion, a reputable rescue would be known by those in the area. Also they do not appear to be registered with the state as a non profit and there is no 501c3. There was also at least one photo on their Facebook page of a dog that was not even theirs - it was pulled from the site of the national breed rescue for Saint Bernards- who also, had not heard of them. In fact, I was told by the national group that there is no breed rescue representing in that area and they have had to send dogs in need there to out of state rescues. Breed rescues generally are aware of others who save the same breed.

4.  They have an amazing compound and have either 900 acres, 1,250 acres, or 350 acres depending on who they talked to. Also, that there is a varying number of kennels as well as dogs.
    - When their local Humane Society visited them, they visited a house. They said the house was nice and the two dogs in their care looked good. They made no visit to a large facility with a number of kennels and not an acreage. There were claims made that the land could possibly be in a neighboring county.. and if so.. please know that in that county there is no animal control. I did check with the county records of the neighboring areas and was unable to find any land belonging to that rescue. It is possible there is something- but, the home check was NOT done on that property and there are NO pictures on the rescue's page indicating ANY large facility. Another rescue  I talked to via email had seen them working to get another dog out of CA at the time this was all being posted, they said that they were told that they had 60 dogs and a kennel area for 100. The animal control officer in WV never saw 60 dogs.

5. There had been a visit to the place by a woman from Orlando. She claimed it was amazing and it was stated that she had been there personally and was thinking of actually moving there in the Spring.
   - According to the Humane Society who DID visit them, the Bowmans claimed no one from FL had ever visited them and they had only been contacted a couple of times by people in Florida. Furthermore, the woman claiming to be moving there- appeared to be living in a motel at the time and later in the woods- until people did online fundraising to move her out of the area. (most recently she has been asking for money for cigarets on Facebook) She also has a record including issues regarding abuse of a child and at least one involved in the rescue situation was aware of that. Why would the Bowmans lie to the Humane Society about no one from Florida visiting? Or why would a woman with a record - who was living in a motel asking for donations for herself - lie about visiting them? Most importantly- why would those directly involved with the care and well being of Barbados take the word of someone who has a record over those of questioning the situation.. who have no records?

6. According to the Animal Control officer who visited them, the Bowmans were unaware of the claims being made.
   - As you can see... they actually were on the very thread where the claims were made and made no attempt to correct them.

At this time, I need to point out a couple of other things. Above, you have seen the bite that occurred, yet they seemed to indicate to the animal control officer who did their home check that they knew nothing of a bite history of the dog who was being sent to them. They also said they were only taking in one dog. According to one of the threads, it was stated that they had worked with Jim (the Dog House) before and had another dog pulled who was recovering from being hit by a car. So they expected that dog? And what about the other dog that they took in from the Miami area- a husky? Why would they say they were only expecting one dog when it is clear that there were more than one ... and those are the only two I have linked to them, but it appeared there may have been others.

  • Sarah Leddick Jim says that he is organizing a big group of dogs to go to this rescue in Va. He is shooting for after the first which will be next week. I will breathe a big sigh of relief for Barbados once he has arrived since his life has been such hell over the past six months, if not his entire life. He deserves all the training and exercise that he will get once at the rescue! Jim says that they have an amazing compound.

I know this blog is getting long- but, I just need to be very clear about all of the information regarding this situation. Barbados was sent to the rescue even though I - and others pointed out many red flags. I know of another dog- a husky named Marty that was also sent. When asked about how Barbados was doing- and in response to people bringing up the subject post his being shipped off-  this was the response. Please note the screen shots are of some posts- not all. The entire threads are posted below.

Those of us who had been questioning the situation were attacked- called many things- referred as Nazis, told we were causing drama, called trolls, told to pay up or shut up in regards to Barbados, I believe there was a time we were told blood was on our hands-- and as you can see- at least one concerned individual was told to apologize to the rescuers who shipped off Barbados. Now, if we had just been attacking people with no research on our part- with no concern for the dog- that would have been bad-- but, that was not the case. I also find it very interesting how those involved said they were in constant contact with the Bowmans and had pictures - yet, no pictures were ever posted to show him living the life of luxury- sleeping in their home at night- running through the woods. If they had the photos- wouldn't it have made sense to just post them if they wanted us all to be quiet?

Now one more thing I want to point out-- before I have to tell you something very very sad...

Now the irony of this is that he made this comment about me 'assuming the worst' in regards to him being too thin on February 19th. Only a few days ago, I was told through an anonymous source that Barbados is back in FL. He was found about 2 weeks ago in WV and was covered in wounds and emaciated... dumped in the woods.  I did, once again, contact the Humane Society in WV to confirm this and was told that on a body scale of 1-5 he was about a 1.5 . I - and others- have taken a lot of garbage over this. We have been ignored and called all kinds of horrible things.. and yet, we were right to have the concerns that we had. I have no idea, at this point, if Barbados is even alive. He was returned to the Florida rescue who was in WV to deliver MORE dogs to that very same rescue. The Humane Society was told they returned to FL with those dogs- and I hope to God that is true. I saw in March the transporter had made another trip to WV.

If other dogs were sent at that time, I do not know which ones and if they are safe. I am writing this now- knowing that those involved with Barbados have known what happened.. They have not said a thing about doing a DNR on the rescue and I find that APPALLING at best. I cannot truly put into words how upset I was when my fears about this situation were confirmed. This is disgusting. Red flags everywhere and ALL ignored. ALL. And Barbados suffered because of it . Let me repeat- on body scale of 1-5 he was only at a about a 1.5 when he was found. He was starved... he was emaciated.. he was covered in open wounds.

"Hi Mary,

Our sheriff's department found Barbados not too far outside of town on Rte. 50.  He was brought here and was extremely thin, prob 1.5 out of 5 on the weight scale.  He was also full of open sores.  When we scanned him, the chip came up for a rescue in FL and that's how we figured out who it was..." 

This was part of the confirmation email from the Humane Society in Parkersburg, WV.. from the director. These are also the words from the director....

"It was only about 2 weeks ago and the rescue came and got him.  They also did not drop off the dogs that they had on board for Bowman's.  So lesson learned I believe.  I know how it feels to hope, especially when you're in rescue, and I know how it feels to think with your heart.  However, it has to be balanced with head and ensuring that all is well with where you're sending the dogs.  If something sounds too good, it usually is!"

And the sad thing is - the truly sad thing is that ALL of the people involved in sending him were pointed out to MANY very OBVIOUS red flags- many lies.. and they sent. him. anyway. 

This is just part one of this story- I am working on a part two... and I can tell you things are about to get VERY interesting... if you think I have not done my own research you are in for a big surprise. But, now.. before I go on.. I want to know- where is he? Where is Barbados? Is he alive? Is he being taken care of by decent people? If he is alive .... will his next stop be in a SAFE environment this time? WHERE IS BARBADOS AND IS HE ALIVE??