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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Barbados update

Barbados about 3 weeks after being returned to Florida. He had been found in the woods in West Virginia after being sent to a rescue with many questionable claims revolving around them. He was found emaciated (1.5 on the body scale) and covered in wounds. This is him after 3 weeks of healing. This photo taken as a screen shot from the page of Sarah Leddick. 

If you have not read the previous blog post about the dog named Barbados - please do so here as this is a follow up on the story.

When I was told Barbados was returned to Florida in very bad shape, I was concerned for many reasons. My biggest concern was that I had been told he was emaciated and covered in sores after being found in West Virginia ...  and when the information got to me that he was returned - It was said that he was in a boarding kennel - the Dog House. No one was talking about him. No posts about how he was doing. No requests for help for medical care. No posts warning others what had happened when Barbados was sent to the Bowmans Bernards and Big Dogs Rescue in West Virginia. Only silence.

I wrote the previous blog entry, because it is important to talk about. Currently, there is little to no oversight on rescues so the only real voice the animals have are when we see something that needs to be spoken up for. It was obvious from the start that Barbados should not have been sent to the place in West Virginia and I was afraid of where he might be sent next if it was not brought to light. Remember, this was a dog that was not only starved and injured- but, one with a bite history... there are many aspects to this that make 'hiding' him and his story all potentially dangerous to the dog as well as the public. So, I wrote.. and, of course, made those involved incredibly unhappy.

Before the blog went public, I had asked the transporter how he was and what the rescue was like- I was ignored. I had asked the woman who was integral in sending him to WV how he was - I was told fine. I understood the Bowman's had been trying to adopt him- no mention of a bite history.. and after he was found dumped and starved.. they said he had been adopted. (I understand that the Humane Society that helped the dog had not been shown any adoption papers or proof of him legally changing hands from Bowmans Bernards to any individual for adoption.)  It is not as if I didn't ask about the dog, the rescue,or the situation from those involved.. it is just that I was ignored or not told the truth. Neither are good when dealing with the life of a dog in rescue and the public in regards to a dog with a history.

Barbados had been initially pulled out of Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) under a rescue named SOS4Paws and I was told by the head of the rescue that he was signed over to Sarah Leddick (an independent rescuer) after his pull. After the blog was posted, Sarah contacted me via message on Facebook. It was a strange conversation.. so let me do my best to summarize it....

I was told she had tried every sanctuary that I had suggested, prior to Barbados being shipped off, and they were either full or ignored her. (When I had contacted sanctuaries myself, I had been told the owner of the dog needed to contact them- so I cannot confirm whether or not they were all full... but, I do know that the legit sanctuaries do get a large number of people wanting to place dogs with them). She reminded me that an approved rescue pulling a dog from MDAS and handing it over to another rescue can be suspended- so at least she is aware that what has been happening so much out of Miami is in breach of contract with the rescues pulling dogs that are actually doing so on the behalf of others.  I was told by her to stop my witch hunt, to not criticize and help (at that point she must have forgotten the multiple places I had suggested to contact as well as the research done on the WV rescue showing the many red flags - reasons not to send him to begin with - that WAS help that I provided for the sake of the dog). She also went on to say that my friends or I should adopt him (yet, later admitted that she would not herself for safety reasons).. at one point, she asked me if she should commit suicide - I want to say, for the record, I have never had someone ask me that. As someone who has lost people to suicide, I find it appalling and immensely bizarre that anyone would ask me that over a bad rescue.. and.. NO... I would never suggest anyone to commit suicide- it is disgusting and mental to even ask someone that. She also told me that I was giving her shingles on her head and would be responsible if I made her break out and get meningitis...and then asked me if I was beaten as a child. After that madness, she then offered to meet me in Miami to take his photos- of course I agreed to that (I was, admittedly a little leery considering the bizarre things she was saying- I needed to know the dog was ok though).. but, when I said this ...

Mary Lundberg

I can meet you tomorrow to take his photos and meet him. I will not agree to have any photos used for any money making activities unless donations are given directly to a reputable sanctuary.

She was suddenly sick and could not meet me- she told me she had blisters on her eyes - was hoping she would not go blind-- and offered to send me a photo of her blistery eyes. I did decline that offer.. my interests were more in seeing photos of the dog.. and not so much in eye blisters. The offer to meet me was taken away, I was told that not only must I have been a Nazi officer in a former life .. but, that I am not allowed at the Dog House. I was told I would regret my lies, she would not ever work with me (to be honest that did not upset me in the least), that I should 'shut the fuck up' and suck and egg. I did give her a list provided to me from Best Friends of places to contact and asked her that if I could find a sponsor for an animal behaviorist - if she would be interested. She never responded. The only other contact I have had with her since has been on public Facebook threads- at one time she accused me of not getting her side of the story- but, ignored the questions that I asked her on the public thread.. I can only guess.. the truth must make her eyes blister? 

(I do have this all in writing- like I said.. this is a summary.. but, the bizarre statements were all made and if it is claimed that I have made any of it up- I would have no problem posting the entire conversation to prove these things were actually said.)

At no time did she express regret for the situation or say that something like this would ever happen again with another dog. 

Below are some of the comments that occurred regarding the situation on a Facebook page. You can clearly see that I did post questions to her and gave her an opportunity to explain.. but, she did not respond to the majority of the questions. The screen shots are taken from this link

The Humane Society in WV did NOT ever go to a facility. They only went to their small house in town. They never went to a kennel. The house was fine- but, no kennel facility on any land was ever seen.  I also verified this with the transport and she also confirmed that she had NOT gone to any facility and only went to the home. Above she is also claiming that the Bowman's were just a foster- this story has changed and I believe it may have something to do with the issue of the breach of contract with MDAS since the use of the word 'foster' had only recently been used. She does state that the Bowman's lie- but, it is also a lie to say the Humane Society confirmed a facility on an acreage as they did not. 
Originally, it was stated that Jim had worked with the Bowman's before - yet, now it is being claimed that only 2 dogs have ever been sent there. Who is not being truthful and why? 
As you can see, I gave her an opportunity to answer many questions.. she did not address them and left the thread shortly after. 

Above Sarah does state the Bowman's have not been truthful - yet, it seems to be that there are some issues regarding the truth when it comes to those in FL involving this situation as well. She (as well as the transporter) claim that only 2 dogs were ever sent there. In the beginning of all this, it was stated that Jim (from the Dog House) had worked with the Bowmans before- so, if that is the case- what happened to those dogs? And if it is not true, why would so many people be involved in a lie about it? Why are there photos of the transport in WV in February when Barbados and the husky Marty were taken there in January? 
I have verified with those who did the home check that neither have seen the 'amazing compound' I have yet to see a single photo or talk to someone who has seen it. (Also, the rescue is not in VA- it is in WV.)  Is this safe rescue??
Barabados was taken from MDAS in October and sent to WV in January - why would he have arrived in a starved condition needing $800 in care if he had been under a rescue for months? This screen shot is taken from here
So I was finally able to see photos of him after he was hidden away for weeks and the story of what happened had been hushed among so many. Because I knew there was a real rescue who initially had him pulled, I talked with them - SOS4paws. I explained some of the intensely bizarre conversations that I had with Sarah and others and was assured that he has now been legally signed back over to the rescue and they will he handling him 100%. Also, after hearing of the story, some people donated a bed and medical care. He was given antibiotics to help his wounds and also moved to a new boarding kennel where he has much more space and regular walks. He has progressed immensely in both the healing of his wounds as well as his weight gain.
About 3 weeks after arriving in Miami-he obviously gained weigh since he was found emaciated in WV. He actually looks better - weight wise-  than when he was initially sent from the Dog House to WV. You can see that he still has multiple sores.  (I also see a lack of eye blisters and shingles in this photo even though I was told the day before I was making Sarah break out in them... maybe you can see them if you look really close, but I cannot. )

Below is a photo of Barbados from when he was first sent to the Bowman's Bernard rescue in WV. He arrived there very thin. The Bowman's have said that they had been given sick and aggressive dogs from Florida, but would not say how many dogs they were sent. They said that the Dog House is not a good place in that it is filthy, but I have no idea if that is because they have been there or where told that by the rescue people involved in all this. They also said the people in Florida are nuts and on a power trip - and that is why Barbados was returned to FL and not their rescue. (I know the Humane Society told me they would NOT allow them to have the dog back after finding him in that condition). But, I know the Bowmans have not always been truthful.. and I know there have been lies out of the Florida rescue as well.. this has just made for an incredibly unsafe and unfair situation for the dog as well as any potential adopters. This has been like a three ring circus and an embarrassment to rescues since most would never act in this way - lies, manipulation and acting off the wall are NOT the way to rescue and Barbados is a prime example of what happens when rescue works on lies and people do not act professional and mature. 
This was an image that was shared upon Barbados' arrival in WV. As you can see - he was sent to WV underweight to begin with. His ribs are clearly visible in this image.

Like I said before, the initial rescue has taken over. Last I was told, Barbados still had not met with a trainer or behaviorist. I was told that would happen after this last Memorial day holiday. It is disturbing since, once he was saved from euthanasia after the bite, there was a chip in created for him and it clearly stated that they had a trainer. He never did see one- in fact, he was sent to a home with a child in it and multiple dogs (the Bowmans) without having training after the bite. The Bowman's do have a child and it is my personal opinion that everyone involved in sending and receiving a dog with a bite history was wrong to ever have him kept in the same location where a child lives. Safe and responsible rescue is not just about the dog- it is also about those who will be caring for and interacting with that dog. 
The above chip in was created by someone who claims to have had no part in all this. As you can clearly see they said they had a trainer- but, that trainer was never utilized. Juliana has had many of her chip ins featured on my blog- I cannot help it.. when I see something bad and I do a little research, they seem to be there. She also sent me some bizarre Facebook messages after calling me a bitch on her page. Calling me names will not remove the fact that her name is attached to this. She made herself a part of all of this and could have- at any time- told them to stop and think about what they were doing, but did not. I can be called many names over this- but, the truth is the truth and it is clear as day in the above screen shot. Calling me names will not make it go away. 

Below are pictures of Barbados from after he was moved to the new boarding location. As you can see, he has put on weight and the wounds look less red. The photos below were provided by Wendy's rescue. She helped behind the scenes and visited him on multiple occasions. She said he is a very nice dog with people and did very well with everyone while she was there. He cannot be around cats and does seem to have issues with some other dogs. But, she was down on the floor with him and said he was like a big baby. He is obviously benefiting from the care he is getting, the new bedding is making a difference for his wounds. 
This was a week or two after he was moved from the Dog House to a new boarding kennel. I have heard they are taking excellent care of him. 

Barbados does need to get out of boarding and either into a home where he can properly be cared for and safely kept away from cats and other dogs. Or else he needs to find a legit sanctuary that can keep him safe and provide him a life that is not about being warehoused. He is currently posted for adoption on a couple of sites under a rescue listed as Rescue Inc. of West Palm Beach.. I have no idea who that rescue is- but, the contact information does go to the rescue SOS 4 Paws who he is actually under. If you are able to provide him a home or run a legitimate sanctuary and can provide him a life with you- please contact them.
Rescue should not run like what has gone on.. and most does not. What has gone on with Barbados should never have happened. It is way to easy to put dogs into danger when people are relying on random people online to give dogs to. People online can be anyone.. anyone.. and in the near future I will be doing a post about that. But, until then- if anyone is trying to re home a dog or trying to find a rescue- they need to listen to those who may see things that are not adding up. It is about the safety of the dogs and when huge red flags are ignored- they suffer... and when people ignore those red flags and attack those who speak up and point out obvious signs..  call them bitches and witches and tell them to climb under a rock.. that is a horrible way to run rescue.. Barbados suffered because of it.. how many others have also?

For the record I have never sent MDAS 100s of emails. I am not a drunk or a witch. I also do not watch Fox News and am not a Republican. I am a non drunk, non witch, non mass email sending, non Fox News watching Independent. 
Oh .. and before I forget, no one involved on the Florida end of things added the Bowmans rescue to any DNA or DNR lists- in fact, it looks like someone just gave that rescue another dog recently. (I have no idea who)  I hope that dog has a better life there than Barbados did while in WV... I hope people pay attention to who they are sending dogs to and ask questions.. and verify claims. It is very easy to do with free online searches and a few phone calls. Most of all, I hope someone will see Barbados and offer him a home for forever where he will never be covered with sores or starved again.